Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Over the sea to ...........

(Serenglade Indigo Moon at Abbeyton)

Indy enjoying his first outing on the ferry to Ireland.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Three Musketeers

An update from Denise on the Papillons in rescue.

Here they are again the three musketeers, they are all for one and one for all, I tried to re home the older boy with some very nice people but he was not happy and came back after the weekend, the other two were so pleased to see him that I wont part them again.

Rosie had a vomiting fit yesterday and started to turn blue I shot her down the vets and she had two vets and two nurses working on her, the outcome was she has an enlarged heart and bad lungs, the vet and I discussed stopping things there and then but she seemed to think that if we can get the weight off she would have a chance, so she is home now still huffing and puffing but I will watch and wait, she is very happy to be home again.

Kookie 11, Mr Softey 14 and Rosie 12