Monday, February 08, 2010

Moving on

Having seen Jessica settled with her new family that includes her Papillon playmate Heidi I have taken the decision to let her sister Jenni go to a new home. A lovely little girl who is really starting to come into her own. She will be an absolute delight to her new family when we find them. And it is not a case of first come first served as it was the very first time I got a Papillon. Any new home and family will go through the usual home and vet checks. One friend said it would be easier to adopt a child.


Another change has occurred with Grace moving out to live with her mum Debra who has come back from France. Spoke to Debra tonight and she is delighted to have Grace with her and can't wait for the other dogs to join them. I look forward to seeing Debra and Grace in the show ring in the near future.


The house seems so quiet with the two girls gone. But as you all know we have Jewel to keep us busy. Jewel belonged to show friends Malcolm and Frances McKinnon who passed away. She was thought to be about 7 or 8 but we have since found out she will be 11 years old in June 2010. Jewel does not like to be left out of anything, be it walks, treats or cuddles. She is quick to let you know if she wants something, never been so glad a dog was so small as her favourite thing is to be picked up and carried from one sleeping place to a new sleeping place. We will be putting her into the vets in a couple of weeks time to have her last 3 teeth removed, this should make her a bit more comfortable but I doubt if it will make her appetite any better as she does enjoy her food and likes nothing better than sitting guard over the biscuit dish and keeping the Phalenes out. LOL The picture of Jewel below was taken just after a visit to the vet for some work on her ears, she had a wee infection which is well on the way to recovery and the hair the vet shaved off will regrow.