Tuesday, January 27, 2009


27-04-1999 -- 27-01-2009
My beautiful butterfly Domino who went to sleep in my arms

Friday, January 23, 2009

Meet Nacho!!!!

Now when we go to visit with Angela and Jamie the dogs can visit with there new friend.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Year, New Look....

Thought I would have a change from all the girly pinks on the blog, and go for something a wee bit simpler.

Ruairidh has gone to live with Debra, who has also started a blog, and her Papillons. Roo as he is called is Debra's first Phalene bred dog so I would like to wish them well whatever they set out to do. If ears settle it may even be the show ring. So to see how they get on visit them at Papillons and Phalenes.
Marnie (Abbeyton Some Like It Hot) was at Manchester champ show in Stafford at the weekend and was placed a very respectable 2nd in Post Graduate Bitch from an entry of 15. Well done Marnie even if I do say so myself I thought you looked really good. Sue was there and let me handle Wills (Abbeyton Isle b Willin To Tri at Bankshill) in the open dog class where we were placed 4th and he went really well. Sue's travelling companion Pat got her 3rd CC with her girl Papparotsie Painted Lady (Fresia) making her the newest Champion in the breed. Angela Skelton with her boy Adnamashan One In A Million won first in his class giving them the final point needed to claim his Junior Warrant. AND Anna Fraser & Gillian Graham had it confirmed that Ruben (Northlyte Timless at Bonmeshay) was named Papillon Top Sire in the Our Dogs competition. Well done Anna and Gillian who own and show Ruben turning him out to perfection every time. Also to his breeders Liz Anderson and Karen O'Kane. But especially to Rubens progeny, the three litter mates who have done so well in the ring with there owner/breeder Angela Skelton of Adnamashan Papillons.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Night Training in 2009

Ruiaridh and MacKenzie both went to there respective training classes for the first time last night. And I don't think it could have been more different.

Ruiaridh went to Land O' Burns ringcraft where there was about 18 -20 dogs present of various breeds in all sizes and he enjoyed meeting everyone of them even had a word or two to say to Dogue De Bordeaux puppy. We have a much respected trainer with many years experience in both judging, exhibiting and training and is well able to guide and advise on how to present and handle your dog for showing. Cost for the 2 hour class was £1 annual membership and £1.50 for the class. In the class there is a table for small dogs to learn there table work and mats for the dogs to walk on. Mats are essential for all dogs who are to be shown to learn to walk on them as different shows use different types some are ridged and some move underfoot and all this can put a young dog off if it hasn't had a bit of training on them.

MacKenzie on the other hand went to (name removed) dog training. Trainers spent the first 15 -20 minutes introducing themselves to the class of 2 dogs. There were no mats available for use and one trainer spent quite a bit of time with MacKenzie in her arms cuddling him and stroking his tummy. The other trainer seemed to prefer working with the other dog, MacKenzie was given minimal attention which was to teach him to walk to heel using bait, which with a small dog got the expected reaction, the dog continually jumps to get the food, not good for the patella, he has also to learn the sit command for next week. He did get table work but to an outgoing happy pup this was not a chore to have someone go over him. Cost for this is £75 for a 10 week course that lasts 1 hour per week. MacKenzie's Mum couldn't tell me the names of the trainers, as in there introductory talk they forgot to mention them, but they didn't forget to tell how well there own dogs had done in the ring. And this class was booked as ten weeks of ringcraft training where she was told on booking that there were already 6 dogs booked and I assume paid for as she had to pay in advance.

Makes me appreciate being in an area where I have a choice of training classes.

Friday, January 09, 2009

A Quiet Start.........

.......To 2009

Everyone here is doing there best to keep themselves busy, pups are learning the lie of the land between home and the main street where they get to walk at the same time as the local academy gets out for lunch. Kids are great for giving the pups loads of attention and gets them used to the noise as well. Only problem most of the kids won't take no for an answer when they ask to feed them chips and curry sauce, chips and cheese or greasy pies from the local baker.

Ayla continues to enchant everyone who meets her, Betsy is getting a little too shy for my liking so she will be having a lot more introductions to more people and animals, Ruairidh on the other hand is really coming out of his shell, pushing his way to the front of the gang when group cuddles are on offer (thats when I usually land on my behind).

Ruairidh checking that I haven't left a red sock in with his bedding. LOL

OK to go!!!!