Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Night Training in 2009

Ruiaridh and MacKenzie both went to there respective training classes for the first time last night. And I don't think it could have been more different.

Ruiaridh went to Land O' Burns ringcraft where there was about 18 -20 dogs present of various breeds in all sizes and he enjoyed meeting everyone of them even had a word or two to say to Dogue De Bordeaux puppy. We have a much respected trainer with many years experience in both judging, exhibiting and training and is well able to guide and advise on how to present and handle your dog for showing. Cost for the 2 hour class was £1 annual membership and £1.50 for the class. In the class there is a table for small dogs to learn there table work and mats for the dogs to walk on. Mats are essential for all dogs who are to be shown to learn to walk on them as different shows use different types some are ridged and some move underfoot and all this can put a young dog off if it hasn't had a bit of training on them.

MacKenzie on the other hand went to (name removed) dog training. Trainers spent the first 15 -20 minutes introducing themselves to the class of 2 dogs. There were no mats available for use and one trainer spent quite a bit of time with MacKenzie in her arms cuddling him and stroking his tummy. The other trainer seemed to prefer working with the other dog, MacKenzie was given minimal attention which was to teach him to walk to heel using bait, which with a small dog got the expected reaction, the dog continually jumps to get the food, not good for the patella, he has also to learn the sit command for next week. He did get table work but to an outgoing happy pup this was not a chore to have someone go over him. Cost for this is £75 for a 10 week course that lasts 1 hour per week. MacKenzie's Mum couldn't tell me the names of the trainers, as in there introductory talk they forgot to mention them, but they didn't forget to tell how well there own dogs had done in the ring. And this class was booked as ten weeks of ringcraft training where she was told on booking that there were already 6 dogs booked and I assume paid for as she had to pay in advance.

Makes me appreciate being in an area where I have a choice of training classes.


Pyatshaw said...

Seems like good value for money!!!!(and I don't think!) The sitting bit will be really useful for showing.

Papillons and Phalenes said...

Roo Sends his sloppy tongue in the mouth kisses to you, and is letting you know hes settled in well xxx