Wednesday, December 31, 2008

To all our friends we wish a peaceful and happy new year

Sunday, December 07, 2008


Oh how they grow and change.

Picture taken 07/09/2008

Ayla, Ruairidh and Betsy

picture taken 07/12/2008

Thursday, December 04, 2008

We had to settle

For a day at home. Rather than the crisp white snow that was forecast we awoke to a wet and damp morning and it has never changed all day. I was so looking forward to seeing the pups playing in the snow for the first time. Oh well maybe next year LOL
Got some pictures of them sitting in the back room instead.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What Snow?

Catching up with everyone else's blogs and there seems to be a lot of snow around in some places. According to the weatherman it's not to far from us for tonight. Think I'll follow Ayla's example and just try and sleep through the next couple of days. LOL


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Puppy training

Took all three pups to the training class last night. Betsy just didn't know what to do or how to do it but she managed to show her teeth, and stand straight and level on the table. Ruairidh spent the first half hour on Morvens knee watching everything going on and decided if he acted shy for long enough he would never have to walk on his own four legs ever again. Everyone just wanted to cuddle and pet him. But what a shame for him, I was there and in the last five minutes of the class he manged a walk round the mats with is head and tail up and like his sisters had no problems on the table at all. Ayla has found her niche in life, she walked round the hall as if she was born to it. Making friends with everyone there, from the Clumber spaniel to Whippets and Retrievers. And lets not forget the humans as well, she enchanted everyone with her out going personality and the ease that she accepted everything that was asked of her.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Well Done Indy

Went to two local open shows at the weekend with Serenglade Inidgo Moon at Abbeyton (Indy).

On Saturday at Land o' Burns there was only one class for Papillons and of the 6 entered 2 were absent. Of the 4 that were there 1 was a Papillon and very surprisingly 3 were Phalene's!!!!!!!!!! Very unusual indeed. Used to be the Papillons who were in the majority.

Indy won 1st in the class, Best of Breed and was placed 3rd in the Group.

At Clydebank the following day it was back to Papillons being in the majority, Indy was placed a very respectable 2nd in the Papillon Junior class.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Phalene

I've had some enquiries from people about the pups and one question seems to be "what are they exactly?" They are PHALENE'S. Commonly described as a Papillon with there ears down instead of up. And no "They are not crossbreeds". Phalene's do not come from Papillons being crossed with any other breed
Phalene's can be born from Papillon parents and Papillon's can be born in a litter from Phalene parents. You can even mate a Papillon to a Phalene and get all Papillon or all Phalene or some of each. The Phalene is the drop ear variety of the Papillon.
Any other questions to if I can answer them I will.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This was the response from Helen today when she found out that MacKenzie is soon to be the new kid on the block in Oban

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lazy days

Well my weekend was one of the laziest I've had for a while. Spent Saturday at Ingleston stewarding at the Gundog breeds of Scotland champ show, and then on Sunday went as a "passenger " with Gillian and Anna to the N & E Papillon club champ show where I spent the day catching up with people and watching some of the judging. This show has two rings with the dogs and bitches being judged at the same time, though it does save time and we get to leave at a decent hour to head home it does make it a little more difficult to keep up with what is going on in both rings whether as a spectator or exhibitor. My daughter Angela drove across the M62 to spend the day with us and I bought her the promised lunch, well if you could call it that. We were so looking forward to the lovely Panini's that we have enjoyed the last two years, and what a disappointment it was this year. Angela's was just the warm side of cool and the chicken was slices of cold meat and not the lovely fresh cooked chicken of previous years. We will know next time to take our own packed lunch at least then it will be cool because it is supposed to be.

The pups continue to dominate my thoughts, so many people at the show commented on how well they are looking and could understand the dilemma of choosing one or two to stay with me. Well I have had a lady called Helen come and see the pups and at present she is next in line after me to have MacKenzie go and live at her home with her Papillon Monet, her son and daughter and of course her husband. I have had quite a few people enquire about the pups and I would just like to say the only puppy that is available to a new home is Ruairidh as I have decided that Ayla will definitely be staying with me or Angela, and if MacKenzie doesn't become what I am looking for he has his paw in Helen's hand already set to go, that will leave Betsy who will stay with me. But then ask Anna and she will tell you how often I change my mind these days, so watch this space. LOL

Friday, November 07, 2008

How time passes

Sat back last night and watched the pups playing round the house, first the girls chasing each other then the boys joining in, someone would stop and pick up a toy and of course it was the same one that everyone else wanted. Never a playtime goes past where Ayla doesn't end up soaked with water, her favourite pass time is dropping biscuits into the water dish and trying to fish them back out by leaping into the dish with all four paws and nose down. Think she must have a bit of a water spaniel in her LOL. Ruairidh and his Mum are usually teamed up together and spend a lot of time playing and sharing chews, that is until he tries and takes it all for himself then he gets what I suppose is the doggy equivalent of a row from his Mum, he usually goes and takes it out on his siblings and goes and disrupts there game. Betsy would have us all think that an angel had landed amongst us, how wrong are we, tiger would be a more apt description, full of herself and not afraid to answer back to anyone, not even her Mum. Always the first to leave the puppy pen and the last one in, if there is a ruckus going on somewhere you will always find her in the middle of it and that's because she starts it. The MacKenzie is the thoughtful one of the bunch, not shy or retiring, but sits back and seems to assess the situation before diving in. He loves to run with Indy in the garden dig up worms and is the one always to be seen hanging from an adult tail or ears. OH and you have to mind your ankles when this wee fella is on the hunt for something to get up to, I think he should have been a butchers dog.

What a change each and every pup brings to the house, this is the hardest part of breeding when you have to let someone go. And made so much harder this time because all four of the pups have so much to offer the future of my Phalene breeding. How lovely it would be to be able to keep everyone, but every now and again I have to step back and take a reality check, I think that because I do live in the real world I know I have to make a decision but thankfully not today.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

What we do on our day off !!!!!!!!

We take photographs of friends and there dogs at the local country park.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our Phalene bred litter

Fisrt up is Ruairidh (Pronounced ROO-uh-ree) and is a male Gaelic/Celtic name which means 'Famous Ruler' or 'Red King'.

Next is Ayla named after a beautiful Papillon from my first ever litter.

Here we have Betsy who has come by her name from who knows where.

Then we have MacKenzie who has decided to make our job even harder in the choosing by being so loveable but is he or isn't he a Phalene.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hugo and his new family

Hugo joined his new family, Margaret, Ian and big pussycat Pasha disguised as a doberman.

Hugo's neighbour and playmate Eva lives with Stuart and Gillian who
will probably have Hugo to visit as often as Eva visits Margaret and Ian.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Seeing Double

Maybe if she looks back quick the other one might be gone???????

Mirror Image

Not a great photo, but it raised a smile here watching the pups try and discover who lived behind the mirror!!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

What a difference a day makes


My weekend started late, Jean who I was travelling with to Steward at Catrine Canine open show slept in!!!!! (if only I had know I would have tried for an extra five minutes myself). We arrived as the judge was placing her first class of the day the AV Veteran. I introduced myself to the judge (sorry she didn't return the courtesy so don't know who she was). My only comment on the day is that time passed very slowly for both myself and exhibitors, and having to steward for a judge who didn't seem to grasp the concept of having a Special Best Puppy as opposed to Best puppy in show competition made the day even more entertaining especially when in the middle of judging a class she decided to give me her opinion of a dog. Boy was she embarrassed to discover at Lunch that I bred the dog she had been criticising. One of those days where you are quite happy for it to end and get home.


Left the house at the crack of dawn to go to the Scottish Toydog Society and had an absolutely fantastic day. The venue was full to overflowing with an atmosphere that left everyone relaxed and happy. My job for the first part of the day is always selling the raffle tickets, which gives me the opportunity to catch up with everyone and ask how they are enjoying the show and any comments they may have about the running/organisation of it. Hate to boast but the only complaint was in truth lack of space. But when you think of the equipment people now take to a show for themselves and there dogs it fair adds up to quite a size able amount of stuff. Everyone involved in the kitchen be it cooking, serving or supplying food should take a very big and well earned pat on the back, as this was the hub of all things tasty and well worth the money. People were taking time out to sit and relax away from the ringside and have a chat and enjoy all the home cooking, from Anna's very tasty Stovies and Cottage pie to Frances's Strawberry Tarts, that almost caused a riot over who could get to the counter first and have one. LOL I took a turn in the kitchen doing teas and coffees, afraid this is as far as my skills go in that department, but maybe I'll get better. I had three dogs entered but decided not to take all of them, Marnie was the only one to come and after having to leave her for extended periods of time I have now decided that for as long as I am on the committee I won't enter anymore dogs at the show as it is too much to look after them and attend to the duties of helping at the show. Such a shame as it is a toydog show and the turnout of Papillons is usually very good.

Anyway I have never been so glad to get home kick off my shoes and sit down and relax with my dogs and have pups biting my toes. Bliss. LOL

Friday, October 03, 2008

Breakfast goes down a treat

Flame's pups at 4 weeks old and not a care in the world.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Our Multicoloured family!!!!!!!!!

After some recent discussions about Papillon colours different people have different opinions as to what is the correct description for the following dogs colours. There are two litters from this mating.

Dam:-Abbeyton With -----------------------Sire:- Bankshill Isle Of Lewis
A Touch Of Gold

Litter 1 Wills, Alfie and Marnie

Litter 2 Hugo, Cosmo, Lucy and Lilly (not in picture)

Still Here!!!!!!!

No we haven't gone totally over to the birds LOL

Been to a couple of shows where Hugo qualified for Crufts and Indy yet again impressed the ringside with his very obvious attraction to the ladies on full view. Did start to get a little worried about this as he seems to be in a permanent state of excitement. Had a dog once who underwent surgery for something similar and I wouldn't want to go there again, but glad to say that it appears to be a hormonal thing with him.

Everyone has been enjoying the laid back relaxed life over the last few months. Marnie was mated on her last season but I think we went to early with her and she missed. Flame was mated to Indy and you can see from the pictures below we had four lovely puppies, 2 boys and 2 girls. Flame is being a great mum to them and boy does this make my job easy. Fingers crossed that we have at least one if not four Phalene pups.

Flame & Indy's pups at 2 days old

Friday, August 01, 2008

Flying High!!!!!!!!!

Dog showing seems to have taken a back seat at the moment while we wait for Hugo and Indy to grow a coat.
In the meantime I have been taking a more active role in helping Jim with his racing pigeons. Weather permitting 2 or 3 days a week the pigeons are taken 40 to 50 miles from home for training, ending with race marking on a Friday night and the race on the Saturday.

Our first race from Carnwath was a cracker, with an expected race time of 50 mins the sky seemed full of birds, normally the young crows that you never notice seem to be everywhere and even a swallow suddenly gives the illusion of being a pigeon way high up in the sky. LOL. Like the calm before the storm the skies go quiet and even the clouds seem to stop where they are, then you spot one then a second and before you know it you have half the race team sitting on the hut and in the stall traps, this is the point where your heart starts to beat faster, and your normally blase attitude to getting them in changes. Imagine you are in a race and you can feel someone breathing down your neck!!! well that's what it is like, for every seconds delay in getting the race ring off the pigeon and into clock can mean the difference between 1st and 12th place. With the ring off 4 hours after liberation we had to make do with telephone calls to other club members trying to second guess the results. A bit like dog showing. On this occassion we were beaten by half a second into 2nd place but also taking 3rd place, not to bad from a total of 235 birds sent by 10 members of the club.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Living the quiet life

We have been to a couple of champ shows and as much as we have enjoyed our day out it was tiring. Border union saw Hugo getting a VHC in minor puppy dog, and at Blackpool Indy was placed 4th in Junior dog.

The girls have all been left at home due to coming into season. And as you can imagine the boys are feeling the strain. Domino always the gent will leave the girls in peace till he knows the day is right, Indy is just an out of control hormonal youngster. No one is safe, not even poor Ziggy who finished her season two months ago!!! And Hugo just wanders round with a bemused look on his puppy face feeling the urge but just not quite knowing what to do about it. LOL

Any shade will do on a fine summers day

Where everyone else has been busy with shows and puppies, Anna and her dogs continue to do well, also Angela Skelton with her three pups out of Northlyte Timeless at Bonmeshay. The Bankshill crowd are also continuing there winning ways at both open and champ shows.

You can keep up to date with Anna's newest arrivals and her foster babies by clicking here.

We have had a couple of visitors here as well, first was Kim who while 12 days away from having her pups had a green discharge. This does not bode well as it usually means there is a problems with the pups and most likely they will be born dead. But on this occasion Kim's discharge stopped after 24 hours and she went on to have 2 healthy pups 10 days later. Next visitor stayed with us less than 24 hours. This time is was Bea who had a terrible discharge and her owner was advised by her vet that she would have her pups that night and told her not to expect any to be born living. But well done to Bea, she had a live bitch pup 12 hours after the discharge started and we knew there was still more there but after a visit to the vet and some oxytocin we along with the vet decided that it was time for a section. Bea was left with the vet who phoned us within 30 mins to let us know that she did indeed have another to pups but unfortunately dead. One had stopped developing at about 5 -6 weeks gestation and the other was mummified. The vets were shocked to find that when they opened Bea there was a pup in the abdomen, it had ruptured the uterus within the last 2 or 3 days. They couldn't find the words to stress to us how lucky Bea was to be alive never mind sitting at home with a fine healthy live pup. Bea has settled back at home with her pup and both are doing great.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008



This is my new puppy Hugo at 4 months old. He joined Marnie and Indy at a local exemption show for a day out which he seemed to enjoy. Thanks to Janetta Fairbairn for the above picture she got him just at the right moment.

Hugo will travel with Marnie to his first show at Border Union Championship show and meet up with his litter sister Lily (Abbeyton Runnin Wild at Kirkchase) and his brother Cosmo (Abbeyton Here We Go Again). This is Cosmo's mum Catriona's first time exhibiting at a dog show. Good luck Catriona I hope you enjoy your day.

Hugo, Marnie and I will be staying over on Saturday night with Anna in her new caravan, from what I have heard there is to be wedding that day and everyone will be helping celebrate. Now I know why there was a buzz about going to Border Union this year and aren't we all looking forward to it. Will try and get some pictures etc and let you all know how it goes.

Monday, June 02, 2008

How time goes by...........

Kept looking at the blog and thought that it needed updating, but a bit like housework it can seem a shame to be sat at the computer when the sun is shining.
First I would like to say well done to all of you who have been doing well and to those who (like we all do at times) kept the majority company in leaving the ring, oh well there is always the next one. LOL
We have been to a few shows but not as many as usual, Marnie was at SKC in May and won 1st in Post Graduate bitch. I had entered a few more dogs for the Scottish Papillon Club show the following day so getting home and bathing the other dogs was a must.
My daughter Angela came to the show to help me and had the pleasure in taking Domino (Abbeyton Silver Rain) into his first and last veteran class. Angela showed Domino and got VHC, he hasn't been shown for a few years and to be truthful I think he prefers to be at home on the couch.
Indy (Serenglade Indigo Moon at Abbeyton) was placed 3rd in Junior, giving him his qualifier for Crufts 2009. He won 1st in Maiden and 3rd in the Phalene class, a good day for Indy on his first outing to a breed club championship show.
Marnie (Abbeyton Some Like It Hot) got a 3rd in Post Graduate and VHC in Open, as the floor in the venue can sometimes be a little slippy I am always aware that Marnie being a jumper risks hurting herself, I have to keep her quite calm and this does not a very happy Marie make. So you can just imagine the hang dog expression she wore on the day. LOL
Flame (Northlyte Fire 'n Brimstone at Abbeyton) was with us and being handled by Angela went into the Phalene and Brood class where she got VHC in both classes. When Angela and Flame were at the ringside waiting to go into one of there classes Angela and Flame almost went flying by another exhibitor and her booted feet trying to be first in the ring with her own bitch. I suppose when your in competition some people just don't like to be held up on there way to the ring.
Hugo (Abbeyton Runnin Free) was a bit over awed by the whole event, but as his first show is going to be outdoors I expect it will be more to his liking.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Over the sea to ...........

(Serenglade Indigo Moon at Abbeyton)

Indy enjoying his first outing on the ferry to Ireland.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Three Musketeers

An update from Denise on the Papillons in rescue.

Here they are again the three musketeers, they are all for one and one for all, I tried to re home the older boy with some very nice people but he was not happy and came back after the weekend, the other two were so pleased to see him that I wont part them again.

Rosie had a vomiting fit yesterday and started to turn blue I shot her down the vets and she had two vets and two nurses working on her, the outcome was she has an enlarged heart and bad lungs, the vet and I discussed stopping things there and then but she seemed to think that if we can get the weight off she would have a chance, so she is home now still huffing and puffing but I will watch and wait, she is very happy to be home again.

Kookie 11, Mr Softey 14 and Rosie 12

Friday, March 28, 2008


If you are considering having a Papillon ask yourself where you will be 10 years from now. Remember the hours you spent researching the breed, the breeders you spoke to. Remember the look of excitement and joy on the faces of your family members but most importantly REMEMBER the puppy with the bright eyes, wagging tail and trust, that you have taken into your home.

The pictures below are of three elderly Papillons rescued from there owners home by one of the many people involved in Papillon rescue up and down the British Isles. Neglect and abuse are not always the reasons dogs arrive in rescue. Some are the much loved pets of owners who are unable to meet the needs of there dog, be it family breakup, health, age or moving into accommodation where dogs are not welcomed.

Some people comment that it is easier to get a bank loan or employment than it is to get a puppy from a Reputable Breeder. Please keep contact with your pups breeder be it by a Christmas card once a year or a telephone call once every now and again, most breeders will if needed help if your situation changes and you can no longer have your Papillon with you. We are not there to judge, but to support. Our dogs are part of our families and like our family if they are in need we shall do all we can to help them.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Birthday

Marnie, Wills and Alfie 2 years old today.

New Beginnings

Yet another Papillon person takes the plunge in to Blogging!!!!!!!

You can visit Hazel Barr and read all about her beginnings in Papillons. Don't forget to keep checking back for the continuing story at Barallan Papillons.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday will never be the same

I took the decision last week not to continue as trainer at one of our local training clubs due to the later finishing time. And how weird was it not to pull on the red trainers shirt and go out to the class. Will just have to find something else to occupy my time. At least I won't feel bad if I am asked to fill in as trainer occasionally at other clubs. I hope Claire the new trainer enjoys her time with the owners and there dogs as they are a good group of people and very helpful when you ask specific questions about there breed.

Write a story

I could write a book, or maybe I should leave that to our visitor today Author Franzeska Ewart who came to see new born pigeons and some of the older youngsters in the nest.

(Franzeka and pigeon at 6 days old)

Franzeska is researching for her new book about a boy and his involvement with pigeons. We spent a very nice couple of hours talking pigeons with only a little in put from the Papillons, namely Hugo who adopted Franzeska as his own and wasn't slow in letting her know when she neglected him (for a full two seconds) and concentrated on our conversation.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Dogless daze !!!

Travelled with Anna to Ryton on Dunsmore where I was to judge Papillons, Lowchens and Australian Silky Terriers at the Birmingham Toy Dog Society open show.

We arrived in the area looking for the Mariot hotel, after a few passes up and down the A45 passing the same Holiday Inn on more than one occasion, we gave up and telephoned for directions. Lo and behold!! Directions !!! we didn't need them for when they answered the phone with "Good Afternoon HOLIDAY INN", duh. Though I had booked with the Marriot they had been taken over and just hadn't got round to changing some things like WEBSITES.
Our room was comfortable, it had a huge bath which pleased Anna no end, guess where she was going to spend the evening lounging!! We went out a wee drive to make sure we knew where we were going the following morning, would have hated to have gotten within a couple of miles of the venue and lost our way. LOL loud cheer for Sat Navs.

We had dinner in the hotel bar and of course we had to have a little refreshment as well, and then of course we had to have another to get over the shock of the cost. Och and then we had another just for the sake of it. LOL So off we went back to our room quite happy and well cheered. Having dogs does not a late sleeper make, both Anna and I were up quite early and had a relaxing breakfast before heading to the Sport Connexion for the show.

I had a super entry of 38 Papillons over 6 classes, 0 AST's and 2 Lowchens. Anna thoroughly enjoyed her time at the ringside watching the judging in some of the other breeds, and meeting new people. Like Anna when I completed my judging duties I to enjoyed watching the other breed being judged and after a lovely lunch we waited to watch the Best in Show in which the Papillon was short listed but not placed. The Best Puppy In Show went to the Papillon Puppy I had given best puppy to and the Lowchen puppy took best puppy 3 in show. Well done everyone and thank you to those who braved the weather and came to the show with there dogs I really did appreciate the opportunity to meet them all.
We left the venue about 4pm to head home, our original plan was to drive so far up the M6 and then pull into services to stay overnight, but as we made good time it was straight home to Ayrshire and I was in the house for 11pm.

Next day it was time to get up and go again, picking Anna up en route we travelled through near Ingleston to the Scottish Papillon Club agm. Boy were we glad when Monday arrived and we could go through life at a slower pace for a few hours.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Letting go

My weekend started Friday afternoon when with Anna I went to Dumfries to deliver Marco to his new owner Catriona, her husband Craig and there two daughters. Marco is starting his new life with the new pet name of COSMO, though he will be in the show catalogues as Abbeyton Here We Go Again. I know that I will see Cosmo at the shows or as Catriona said I could go visit as often as I liked, it still didn't make it easy to walk away and leave him behind. But I know that Cosmo will be loved and cared for, just as Craig said when I phoned on Saturday morning Cosmo has only to raise his little paw or bat an eye and his every whim is met. LOL And no matter how much I tried to persuade Catriona she wouldn't let Cosmo come back to me, he was now her boy.

Saturday I spent with Hugo and Amber who were missing there playmate, so they received some extra treats and loads of cuddles.

Sunday was a heart breaker of a day. Anna who has been my rock during the weekend again went with me, this time to Edinburgh and again supplied me with tissues on the drive. Amber was going to join Maureen and Len, her new family. On a number of occasion's I pulled into a lay by or services, and as Anna said I couldn't keep putting it off I was gong to get there sooner or later and unless I actually turned the car around it was inevitable. I phoned Maureen at one stop and asked her if she still really wanted me to come up with her pup, she said of course she did, both she and Len were on the edge of there seats waiting for us to arrive. The picture below shows just how well settled little Amber was last night in her new home. Flame and Indy made the journey with us to Edinburgh and when we arrived they made themselves quite at home along with Amber and enjoyed exploring the new house and garden that was to become Amber's home.

Step into another world

I just wanted to let you know that Pology Magazine has resumed regular monthly publication, and the March issue is available online now.

Stories this month on: Nepal, Russia, Laos, New Mexico, Senegal, Tanzania and Burma

And gorgeous pictorials on: Nepal, Laos and Bali

Hope you enjoy the pictures and stories.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


WELL DONE to everyone who was placed with there dogs, a special congratulations to the Best of Breed, CC and reserve CC winners. Being in classes of 15 plus dogs any placing is certainly worthwhile.

The only dog I entered for showing was Marnie who went unplaced in special yearling bitch, not surprising as she only recently finished a season and with that went her coat. LOL
Marnie did however have her eye test at Crufts and came home with a clear eye certificate.

It was a good day catching up with friends and there dogs that you only see at the champs shows through the summer months. We also met up with other Abbeyton Papillon owners, both those that are showing and some who just like to sit at the fireside. Great to see you all.

See you all in 2009.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Puppy Vacinations

Went to the vets this morning with Amber, Hugo and Marco to have there first puppy vaccinations done. A necessary evil, I hate to hear them cry and I am always a wee bit wary when there is a smaller pup involved. Hugo weighed in at 1.95kilo and Marco was 2kilo little Amber didn't make it over the kilo weighing in at just 0.85kilo. I suppose I could have waited a while longer for Amber to have hers done, but now that I have started going out to the shows again I would hate for my pups to become ill because I had brought something back into them and it was preventable.
As is usual there is always someone who doesn't quite take to travelling, and guess who it was this time? Yep just had to be HUGO no throwing up just the constant drool, just like his older sister Marnie who also suffered in this way. Actually it got so bad she travelled to most of her shows on Anna's knee wearing a bib and wrapped in a towel, with a spare one just to soak up the fluid. It almost got to the point where I actually considered not taking her on a few occasion's and sometimes when we did get to the show she would be so wet that I couldn't take her in the ring for judging. We tried everything, from DAP spray, travel tablets to ginger and a few others as well. The last few shows she has gone to she has been really good, so maybe it is something they grow out of. Fingers crossed.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Well Done at Belvisaj

At Newtownards All Breeds Championship Show Sunday 24Th February 2008
(Judge Mrs I McManus UK)

Reserve Green Star Dog was won by
Sue Belshaw's
Belvisaj Simply Charming
(Abbeyton Silver Phantom x Serenglade Simply Scarlett with Belvisaj)

Reserve Green Star Bitch was won by
Sue Belshaw's
Belvisaj I Believe I Can Fly
(dob 07/07/2007)
(Abbeyton Silver Rain x Belvisaj Madame Fancy)

(Note: Abbeyton Silver Rain (Domino) 1 CC and Abbeyton Silver Phantom (Patrick) Res CC are litter brothers)

Where does time go?

It only seems like a few weeks since Flame and Ziggy had there pups.

Flame's pup Amber (Abbeyton Flaming Star) will stay with us and will hopefully make her appearance in the show ring round about June time all being well.

Ziggy's pups have all got new homes and again all being well we will see them in the ring in June. Hugo (Abbeyton Runnin Free) will stay here with us, Marco (Abbeyton Here We Go Again) is going to live with Catriona and Craig in Dumfries and will be there first dog for showing. Lucy (Abbeyton Here's Lucy) will live with her older brother Wills (Abbeyton I'll B Willin T Tri at Bankshill), her sire Lewis (Bankshill Isle of Lewis) and of course Sue. Lilly (Abbeyton Runnin Wild) has gone to live with Estelle (Kirkchase) and has so far made herself right at home.

Thoughts of sitting down and putting my feet up for a wee rest when they have all gone did fleetingly pass through my mind, but with Indy going to training classes and Amber and Hugo soon to join him I have a feeling that my feet will be kept firmly planted on the ground .

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

An Introduction

(INDY 6mths)
Indy attended a local open show on Sunday and went 1st in Papillon Jr. Though he enjoyed being at the show and loved being with the other dogs, when it came to going in the ring he was a little anxious and this makes him carry his ears to the back of his head giving the impression of no ears. On the table and moving afterwards he was a bit more settled which gave the judge the opportunity to see the correct placement of the Phalene ear. For me I was just pleased that he enjoyed the experience and I will continue to take him to the local shows to build on that.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Decision Made

MARCO (as rarely seen SLEEPING!!!!)

After many sleepless nights I have made my decision as to which dog pup is to stay here with us and who is going to a new family. Hugo is going to stay with us and Marco is ready for his new home. Unfortunately the pet / show home that we had planned for is not able to take Marco. But we will keep you up to date with our progress in finding the right people for him.

Who will remain with us at Abbeyton and will soon be able to go out into the world and meet all our friends taking his best friend Amber with him.