Monday, November 17, 2008

The Phalene

I've had some enquiries from people about the pups and one question seems to be "what are they exactly?" They are PHALENE'S. Commonly described as a Papillon with there ears down instead of up. And no "They are not crossbreeds". Phalene's do not come from Papillons being crossed with any other breed
Phalene's can be born from Papillon parents and Papillon's can be born in a litter from Phalene parents. You can even mate a Papillon to a Phalene and get all Papillon or all Phalene or some of each. The Phalene is the drop ear variety of the Papillon.
Any other questions to if I can answer them I will.

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year for 2009, Loved your pictures, for such a small breed they have a big heart and such energy, Shall call back to your site again well done
Kind Regards
Debra Lawton-Edwards (France and UK)