Monday, October 29, 2007

Show weekend

Went to the local open show today Saturday 27th October with Marnie and Shadow, being the only Papillons entered in the two Papillon classes there wasn't much in the way of competition. Shadow got 1st in graduate and Marnie got 1st in open.
Shadow beat Marnie in the challege for Best of Breed also taking group 3 and placed 2nd in the special Puppy class.

On Sunday the 28th we travelled to Stafford for the Midland counties champ show with Anna and Ruben, all three dogs were placed (from a total entry of 208 dogs) Shadow and Ruben taking 4th place in there class and Marnie being placed 5th (VHC) in her class.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A day at the groomers

Domino (Abbeyton Silver Rain Sh CM) went this morning to the groomers for his usual treat. He gets to run round and play with the other dogs while each is waiting there turn for the bath, dryer or every ones favourite piece of equipment the "drying cabinet". Here they are rest assured to have a nice warm snooze. Then it's up onto the grooming table for the last wee trim.

Today proved to be a more expensive trip than normal as while reverse parking my car in front of the groomers a "little old lady" (huh) decided to try and squeeze through the space between my car and the centre island on the road, as you can see in the picture below I lost an indicator unit, the "little old lady" !!!!!! got a small scrape on her bumper which she is now claiming on the insurance, hope they realise that the scrape measuring approx a half inch is new !!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. Just as well Jim has a car big enough for me and a few dogs for the show at the weekend.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bankshill joins the Bloggers

Sue Deamer of Bankshill Show Dogs has now got her own blog where you will be able to keep updated on Wills (Abbeyton Isle B Willin T Tri at Bankshill) and Sue's other dogs.

Her address is or just click the link Bankshill Show Dogs

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Monday, October 01, 2007

Belfast 3 1 2

Went to Belfast today with Anna and Angela, as we were booked on the 5am ferry it was an early start which means early to bed. But don't you hate it when you know you should be sleeping but can't? I gave up trying about 11pm.
Shadow and Marnie had there full baths before going to bed, Wills had merely had his first wash to remove the usual dog underbelly staining and aroma!!! Wills was back in the bath and standing looking really good at midnight.

Angela arrived at 1.30am with Logan and Serena , we loaded her car with the trolley, five dogs and and all the other paraphernalia you take with you and sometimes never use, but it's there "just in case". lol Met Anna at 2am and got Ruben loaded with everyone else and of course Anna's bits and bobs too. And honest we don't have a van, it all goes into a normal family estate car.

Anyway the drive and ferry trip was the usual everyone catching up with what everyone else had been up to and trying to predict the outcome of the judging, sometimes we get some of it right and most of the time we get it all wrong, but the fun is in trying to second guess the judge and then see if the rumours is true as to who gets what awards.

Shadow was the first as usual to go in the ring for our judge Brenda Banbury, as there was no minor puppy classes he went in Puppy Dog with the pups up to 12 months old. He showed well on the floor but was little bit hesitant on the table for the judge, I think maybe her rushed manner made him think twice about letting her go over him. He was placed 3rd from a class of five pups. Anna and Ruben were next in Junior dog and got a 2nd today. Wills looking really good today went for the first time into Post Graduate dog and took great pleasure from having me all to himself for a time. On the table the judge was so quick in going over him that he didn't seem to notice she was there at all. The judge really took her time with this class and after going up and down then back up and down the line of dogs again she eventually pulled Wills out in her shortlist where she again moved the dogs individually and again all together then finally she pulled the dogs out into there places and Wills was at the top of the line in first place, well done Wills. And the really nice thing was that his mum Sue was able to be there to see him win, before rushing off to get her ferry home.
Angela and Logan were in the ring next in Open dog and were unplaced.
First of the girls in the ring was Marnie, again like her brother Wills in Post Graduate for the first time and held her own very well against some very nice bitches. She was placed 2nd. Anglea was in Open Bitch with Serena and again was unplaced, some days you just can't seem to do it right and other days it all just falls in place.

At the ringside people were enjoying there day out chatting and laughing a lot. We were benched next to a couple with a Japanese Spitz who were very nice and we enjoyed the day sharing conversation and tips on keeping white coats white, and of course congratulating or commiserating with each other win or lose. Well they did win very well indeed taking the Dog CC, Best of Breed and 3rd place in the group. Well done ALOCOQUE PLATINUM CHARMER (MRS N HALL).

The return journey home was all about who had done what in the ring, we also spoke about how everyone commented on the judge and her judging manner. When Shadow was in the ring she was very quick going over him but at least she checked he was an entire dog, but by the time we got Wills in the ring it seemed be enough for her to check his mouth cup his ears and then...... well that was it, no going over the dogs body, legs tail or anything behind the head. She was also able to write critiques leaning over the table with her back to the dogs and never again looking at them. Maybe she has a photographic memory.

Anyway that was Belfast for another year, didn't get to meet my friend Sue and her new puppies out of my boy Domino (Abbeyton Silver Rain) as she wasn't feeling very well. Looks like I'll just have to get on the boat one day and go over to visit. Can't wait to see them as one of them looks like she might be a Phalene, now how great would that be.

Will put some pictures up later when I feel more like myself and not so travel weary.