Thursday, October 18, 2007

A day at the groomers

Domino (Abbeyton Silver Rain Sh CM) went this morning to the groomers for his usual treat. He gets to run round and play with the other dogs while each is waiting there turn for the bath, dryer or every ones favourite piece of equipment the "drying cabinet". Here they are rest assured to have a nice warm snooze. Then it's up onto the grooming table for the last wee trim.

Today proved to be a more expensive trip than normal as while reverse parking my car in front of the groomers a "little old lady" (huh) decided to try and squeeze through the space between my car and the centre island on the road, as you can see in the picture below I lost an indicator unit, the "little old lady" !!!!!! got a small scrape on her bumper which she is now claiming on the insurance, hope they realise that the scrape measuring approx a half inch is new !!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. Just as well Jim has a car big enough for me and a few dogs for the show at the weekend.

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