Sunday, June 24, 2007

Blackpool Champ Show

Left quite early today to collect Jean and Panda, then to stop and pick up Anna and Ruben for the drive to Blackpool champ show. Having decided that Marnie was taking a loan of me by getting to sit in the front she went to bed in her traveling box and was lifted straight to the car, she travelled for four hours without once drooling and getting her bib all wet.
Arrived at the show with plenty of time to meet and chat with other people before the 9am start time. When the sun was out it was really hot, but thankfully for the dogs it was cloudy most of the time with a wee shower of rain about 2 o'clock.
Anna was again first in the ring with Ruben and he won reserve (4th) in his Puppy class. Our next champ show in July is East of England and it will be my turn to be first in the ring with Shadow for minor puppy dog class, anyway that's the future. Marnie was again 2nd to Joe Magri and Nicole in the Jr class, Joe and Nicole went on the win there third CC making Nicole a champion. Well done to them both and of course the breeders. Flame was in Sp Yearling and came up against another Phalene in her class, the other Phalene got 3rd in the class and Flame got the VHC (5th). I'm really pleased with how both girls are showing at present, they go out enjoy there day and make my job easy.
Jean and Panda were also came home with 3rd from Japanese Chin puppy.

As we were loading the car for the journey home I got a telephone call from Jim at home asking how many dogs he was supposed to have? Workmen had left the front door open and when the dogs were allowed back into the house they went straight back out the front. Our neighbours saw them and collected the three adults, but Shadow being the enterprising little so and so took the opportunity to check out the street with no supervision (or so he thought) neighbour John was following closely and when Shadow stopped to look into another neighbours garden John called to him and fortunately he waited to be picked up and given a cuddle from John. I was never so glad to get home and see that everyone was alright.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Border Union Champ Show

What a difference it makes being only a few minutes walk from the showground, both Anna and I had a comfortable nights sleep and the dogs to were a lot more relaxed after a good nights sleep. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the party the night before and there was only one person that I knew off suffering from a hangover and she soon got over that by the time judging started.
After a filling and warm breakfast (courtesy of Liz and Dougie) we loaded the dogs onto the trolley and set off across the site to the show ground proper.
Our judge today was Annette Oliver-Wyles and Anna was first in with Ruben who after a relaxed night really seemed to enjoy himself in the ring a won 1st in Puppy Dog.
Marnie was next in and again was full of "jumping" beans, she again stood 2nd to Joe Magri and his girl Nicole who won the reserve CC. Flame was in Post Graduate bitch and came 2nd in that class, which for a young Phalene is a good placing, especially when you have a very nice black and white Papillon in front of you.
I had been asked by Linda and Joe if I could handle there girl Poppy in Schiperke Post Graduate which I was pleased to do, we were placed 1st.
While I was at the Schiperke ring the Papillon exhibitors were entertained by the Wicked Witch and Papillonman, you can see photos and read the show results at the Scottish Pap News Blog.
After the show was finished Anna and I again courtesy of Liz and Dougie had a good dinner before driving home.
To Liz and Dougie, Anna and I both would like to say thank you for a great time.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Liz's Garden Party

Having recieved our invites to attend LIZ's Garden Party on Saturday evening prior to showing on the Sunday my weekend began Saturday at 9am. With Marnie and Flame we drove to Darvel to collect Anna and Ruben. Boy did Anna come prepared for every eventuallity!!! I even asked her was there a problem that she didn't want to bring the kitchen sink or did she just forget? I won't type what she said but I did laugh. Travelled to Glasgow to collect Tiger as his Mum couldn't go (she was going to a real POSH do). When we arrived in Glasgow we discovered that not only were we taking Tiger but a huge roll of plain white paper, a carrier and (can you guess) >>>>>>>>>>>>> YEP A BABY BATH!!!!!!!! LOL who needs the kitchen sink. I'm so glad that Jean and Panda had been able to get a lift with someone else for the Sunday because there was just no way we could have squashed in a mouse let alone a handsome Japanese Chin and his Mum.

The journey to Kelso was quite uneventful, we chatted and we chatted and we talked some more 3 hours worth and only missed one turning because Anna kept me distracted with her chatter (yeah right). Arrived at the caravan park found where Liz and Dougie had set up and unloaded the car. And were the dogs ever so grateful to get out and have a good stretch and see to business.

The reason for the Garden Party was Liz had made a new garden fence for round her caravan and we all decided that we were going to check it out on it's first outing. Dougie being the perfect host tended to our every need and Liz being the perfect wife left him to it!!! LOL So we didn't keep Dougie back from his preparations in any way we walked to the dog show and did some shopping, I bought some new shampoo, conditioner, collar and lead (just what I needed not) of course I put it on Jim's card.

We arrived back at the van to find that Dougie had everything in hand and with the arrival of Pam (Pamhurst Papillons) or (Pampered Pooches Grooming near Dundee) and Karen (Liz's daughter), deliveries of food and liquid refreshment from other (happy campers) people round the site the party atmosphere was well and truly established. And I suppose you can guess the rest, the talk most of the night was dogs, dogs, and more dogs. OK with the odd joke, CHARADE and Scarecrow thrown in just to keep things going. We even had a visit from the Wicked Witch (awaiting photo's) from PAPNET (it's a yahoo group about papillons (now there's a surprise) she and Kevin the moderator aka KERMIT the green frog keep the group amused with there banter at times. People started to drift off home remembering that they did have to be up and have dogs ready for showing at 9am next morning.

I think suffice to say for Saturday that everyone enjoyed Liz and Dougie's hospitality and would surely be standing in line for the next one (if there ever is again).

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Dundee Canine Club

Oh well off we went again, and this time to Dundee, left Ayrshire in glorious sunshine and met the low cloud and mist just past Stirling. An hour from the venue and Jean reminded me that she was first in the ring with Panda at 9.30am, OOPS I had only checked the ring we were in and as Papillons weren't in the ring till after Poms I had timed the journey to arrive about 9.30am. So rather than the saunter up the road I was looking for I was now an hour away from the venue with 45 minutes till judging started. Someone that I passed on the road mentioned me having a club foot!!! don't know what they meant by that at all. LOL Anyway suffice to say we arrived at the show at 9.25. Jean and Panda had plenty time to get sorted out as judging had been delayed by 15 mins. The sunshine must have followed us, within ten mins of arriving we were basking in the heat and the dogs took advantage of the shade provided by the tenting.
Panda won his class also taking Best of Breed, Anna and Ruben won in a very good class of Papillon pups, also winning AV Special Puppy. Marnie won the Papillon Jr and Flame got third in Post Grad. Papillon judge was Margaret Boulcott (Ingerdorm) and Group judge was Irene Robb (Gleniren). As time was pushing on and Jean had to be home to attend an 80th birthday party it was hit the road asap so Jean could get all dolled up for going straight back out for the night.
We had an extra passenger on the road to Dundee but did not come back with us. We had a homing pigeon into our Abbeyton Lofts from Aberdeen and we had arranged with the owner to keep it for a few days and then I would liberate it in Dundee from where he trains his pigeons.
And yes it really is a small world. Why? I took the pigeon from his basket and as arranged was letting him go at 10am as I let the pigeon go and voice from behind asked if I was single tossing (this is when pigeons are trained individually and not liberated in batches) I turned to see a lady with a very nice Border Terrier, I explained about the pigeon and she said what a shame I had already let it go as she came from Aberdeen and could have delivered it to it's owner. Turns out her husband is also a pigeon fancier and she like me spends a lot of time taking the pigeons out training.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Panda's looking good

Went to Livingston open show on Saturday with Jean and Panda (Japanese Chin), Anna was entered but sometimes family comes first and plans are made for changing on occasions.

Marnie was 2nd in Papillon Jr and 1st Papillon Graduate, Flame was 4th in Papillon Open which was won by Adam Phillips dog Spell Binder at Amicae. Leo was handled by Lynda(Adams Mum), who I know is not a great fan of being in the ring, but the sacrifices Mums make for there children are worth it. Leo went on to win Best of Breed and Toy Group 4.

Jean and Panda were entered in the AVNSC open class which they won. They then won 1st in AV Toy puppy. After being placed Toy Group 3 Panda then went on to win Best Puppy in Toy Group. This meant we had to wait till the end of the show for Best Puppy In Show award, it went this time to a very nice young GSP handled by Hilary. Well Done Everyone.