Monday, November 24, 2008

Well Done Indy

Went to two local open shows at the weekend with Serenglade Inidgo Moon at Abbeyton (Indy).

On Saturday at Land o' Burns there was only one class for Papillons and of the 6 entered 2 were absent. Of the 4 that were there 1 was a Papillon and very surprisingly 3 were Phalene's!!!!!!!!!! Very unusual indeed. Used to be the Papillons who were in the majority.

Indy won 1st in the class, Best of Breed and was placed 3rd in the Group.

At Clydebank the following day it was back to Papillons being in the majority, Indy was placed a very respectable 2nd in the Papillon Junior class.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Phalene

I've had some enquiries from people about the pups and one question seems to be "what are they exactly?" They are PHALENE'S. Commonly described as a Papillon with there ears down instead of up. And no "They are not crossbreeds". Phalene's do not come from Papillons being crossed with any other breed
Phalene's can be born from Papillon parents and Papillon's can be born in a litter from Phalene parents. You can even mate a Papillon to a Phalene and get all Papillon or all Phalene or some of each. The Phalene is the drop ear variety of the Papillon.
Any other questions to if I can answer them I will.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This was the response from Helen today when she found out that MacKenzie is soon to be the new kid on the block in Oban

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lazy days

Well my weekend was one of the laziest I've had for a while. Spent Saturday at Ingleston stewarding at the Gundog breeds of Scotland champ show, and then on Sunday went as a "passenger " with Gillian and Anna to the N & E Papillon club champ show where I spent the day catching up with people and watching some of the judging. This show has two rings with the dogs and bitches being judged at the same time, though it does save time and we get to leave at a decent hour to head home it does make it a little more difficult to keep up with what is going on in both rings whether as a spectator or exhibitor. My daughter Angela drove across the M62 to spend the day with us and I bought her the promised lunch, well if you could call it that. We were so looking forward to the lovely Panini's that we have enjoyed the last two years, and what a disappointment it was this year. Angela's was just the warm side of cool and the chicken was slices of cold meat and not the lovely fresh cooked chicken of previous years. We will know next time to take our own packed lunch at least then it will be cool because it is supposed to be.

The pups continue to dominate my thoughts, so many people at the show commented on how well they are looking and could understand the dilemma of choosing one or two to stay with me. Well I have had a lady called Helen come and see the pups and at present she is next in line after me to have MacKenzie go and live at her home with her Papillon Monet, her son and daughter and of course her husband. I have had quite a few people enquire about the pups and I would just like to say the only puppy that is available to a new home is Ruairidh as I have decided that Ayla will definitely be staying with me or Angela, and if MacKenzie doesn't become what I am looking for he has his paw in Helen's hand already set to go, that will leave Betsy who will stay with me. But then ask Anna and she will tell you how often I change my mind these days, so watch this space. LOL

Friday, November 07, 2008

How time passes

Sat back last night and watched the pups playing round the house, first the girls chasing each other then the boys joining in, someone would stop and pick up a toy and of course it was the same one that everyone else wanted. Never a playtime goes past where Ayla doesn't end up soaked with water, her favourite pass time is dropping biscuits into the water dish and trying to fish them back out by leaping into the dish with all four paws and nose down. Think she must have a bit of a water spaniel in her LOL. Ruairidh and his Mum are usually teamed up together and spend a lot of time playing and sharing chews, that is until he tries and takes it all for himself then he gets what I suppose is the doggy equivalent of a row from his Mum, he usually goes and takes it out on his siblings and goes and disrupts there game. Betsy would have us all think that an angel had landed amongst us, how wrong are we, tiger would be a more apt description, full of herself and not afraid to answer back to anyone, not even her Mum. Always the first to leave the puppy pen and the last one in, if there is a ruckus going on somewhere you will always find her in the middle of it and that's because she starts it. The MacKenzie is the thoughtful one of the bunch, not shy or retiring, but sits back and seems to assess the situation before diving in. He loves to run with Indy in the garden dig up worms and is the one always to be seen hanging from an adult tail or ears. OH and you have to mind your ankles when this wee fella is on the hunt for something to get up to, I think he should have been a butchers dog.

What a change each and every pup brings to the house, this is the hardest part of breeding when you have to let someone go. And made so much harder this time because all four of the pups have so much to offer the future of my Phalene breeding. How lovely it would be to be able to keep everyone, but every now and again I have to step back and take a reality check, I think that because I do live in the real world I know I have to make a decision but thankfully not today.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

What we do on our day off !!!!!!!!

We take photographs of friends and there dogs at the local country park.