Monday, July 21, 2008

Living the quiet life

We have been to a couple of champ shows and as much as we have enjoyed our day out it was tiring. Border union saw Hugo getting a VHC in minor puppy dog, and at Blackpool Indy was placed 4th in Junior dog.

The girls have all been left at home due to coming into season. And as you can imagine the boys are feeling the strain. Domino always the gent will leave the girls in peace till he knows the day is right, Indy is just an out of control hormonal youngster. No one is safe, not even poor Ziggy who finished her season two months ago!!! And Hugo just wanders round with a bemused look on his puppy face feeling the urge but just not quite knowing what to do about it. LOL

Any shade will do on a fine summers day

Where everyone else has been busy with shows and puppies, Anna and her dogs continue to do well, also Angela Skelton with her three pups out of Northlyte Timeless at Bonmeshay. The Bankshill crowd are also continuing there winning ways at both open and champ shows.

You can keep up to date with Anna's newest arrivals and her foster babies by clicking here.

We have had a couple of visitors here as well, first was Kim who while 12 days away from having her pups had a green discharge. This does not bode well as it usually means there is a problems with the pups and most likely they will be born dead. But on this occasion Kim's discharge stopped after 24 hours and she went on to have 2 healthy pups 10 days later. Next visitor stayed with us less than 24 hours. This time is was Bea who had a terrible discharge and her owner was advised by her vet that she would have her pups that night and told her not to expect any to be born living. But well done to Bea, she had a live bitch pup 12 hours after the discharge started and we knew there was still more there but after a visit to the vet and some oxytocin we along with the vet decided that it was time for a section. Bea was left with the vet who phoned us within 30 mins to let us know that she did indeed have another to pups but unfortunately dead. One had stopped developing at about 5 -6 weeks gestation and the other was mummified. The vets were shocked to find that when they opened Bea there was a pup in the abdomen, it had ruptured the uterus within the last 2 or 3 days. They couldn't find the words to stress to us how lucky Bea was to be alive never mind sitting at home with a fine healthy live pup. Bea has settled back at home with her pup and both are doing great.