Sunday, November 29, 2009

Highs and Lows

We went to the Scottish Papillon clubs open show on Saturday the 28th and the day seemed to be the start of things not going so good. Firstly the car wouldn't start so arrived at the show an hour or so late. Jim who was coming with me with all the dogs had to back out as he was needed to do the judges marking at a pigeon show. So off I went with a car full of excited and some nauseous pups for the hour and a half's drive. Took the big pen with me and I'm glad I did as it gave all the dogs a chance to stretch there legs and see what was going on round about them.

First in the ring was Indy who went unplaced in open dog, little Grace was up next in Minor Puppy Bitch and came a very respectable third on her first outing at a show. Daisy was entered in Puppy bitch but I decided not to take her in as she is not carrying her tail just now and that just makes it more difficult. Ayla was next in the Junior class and though she came second she was missing her usual bounce and sparkle. My star of the day was Flame who was placed second in open bitch, in the past if Flame didn't want to show you had no chance of changing her mind, but today she showed her socks off just seemed to be so happy to be there. Jessica, Jenni and Jack had a wee wander round the venue and stopped for cuddles from some of the other exhibitors, would have had them out walking round a bit more but some of the Papillons there today were a little bit noisy and some even a bit nippy and I was not willing to risk the pups first experience to some grouchy dogs.

Jack will be going to live with his new mum Alison from Friday and we will miss him buzzing around with everyone else and then sneaking in under everyone else for a cuddle. A new and exciting time for Jack.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Time marches on

Doesn't time pass quickly. All the pups have been registered at the Kennel Club and growing up nicely. Here are some snapshots to introduce them to you.

Abbeyton Spirit of the Wind (Jack)

tri colour Phalene dog .

Abbeyton Spirit of the Sun (Jenni)

red sable & white Phalene bitch

Abbeyton Spirit of the Moon (Jessica)

black and white Papillon bitch

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

We're still here

Bet you all thought I had deserted??? To be truthful I didn't realise just how much work it would be having a house full of youngsters.
Daisy is 8 months and an absolute heart breaker, her nature is fantastic, so soft and amiable. I suppose just like the rest of them really.
Grace is 5 months and belongs to Debra who was unable to take her home to France (long story all to do with a stupid port official) so she is staying with me meantime. She started her ringcraft training on Monday and took an instant liking to all dogs HUGE, mastiffs, retrievers and dobermans to name a few that she made friends with.
On Tuesday evening Jessica and Jenni joined Grace at the class for a wee while, they sat in there crate watching everyone going about there business and took it all in there stride. Everyone next week will start getting out and about on there collar and leads and see how they go.
Jack will stay with us and will go to training while we wait for his new home to come up. Such a shame about the markings on his face as he is such an outgoing and very confident pup. Hopefully he won't have to wait to long for his new family to come along.
I'll post some photos when I get my computer and camera to start talking to each other again.