Wednesday, November 04, 2009

We're still here

Bet you all thought I had deserted??? To be truthful I didn't realise just how much work it would be having a house full of youngsters.
Daisy is 8 months and an absolute heart breaker, her nature is fantastic, so soft and amiable. I suppose just like the rest of them really.
Grace is 5 months and belongs to Debra who was unable to take her home to France (long story all to do with a stupid port official) so she is staying with me meantime. She started her ringcraft training on Monday and took an instant liking to all dogs HUGE, mastiffs, retrievers and dobermans to name a few that she made friends with.
On Tuesday evening Jessica and Jenni joined Grace at the class for a wee while, they sat in there crate watching everyone going about there business and took it all in there stride. Everyone next week will start getting out and about on there collar and leads and see how they go.
Jack will stay with us and will go to training while we wait for his new home to come up. Such a shame about the markings on his face as he is such an outgoing and very confident pup. Hopefully he won't have to wait to long for his new family to come along.
I'll post some photos when I get my computer and camera to start talking to each other again.

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