Wednesday, May 30, 2007

First Night Training

(Abbeyton Moonlight Shadow)
What a night we had, Shadow took to being with the dogs in his class like a duck to water. And he wasn't shy no matter who it was that came past to say hello, his only problem is he ALWAYS has to have the last word.
Not exactly showing his best side, his trim at the back came courtesy of my husband and vet Alan. When Shadow went with Jim for his 2nd puppy vaccination (I was at WELKS) he had got some dirt on his coat at the rear, so rather than wash they took scissors and just cut away enough coat to leave Shadow with a bare rear but clean (I suppose).
OH well look what happens when you leave the guys in charge!!!!

Puppies Galore

Meet Eve, first puppy for BONMESHAY

Misty and her pups settling in.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Deerhounds in progress!!!

Got a phone call today from my friend Mary who had just found a deer hound puppy still attached to it's placenta in the bushes. Mum Misty kept pace as Mary dashed to the house with the pup. After telling Mary what to do with the pup I drove the few minutes it takes to reach her home. Misty was fantastic, she had her puppies one after the other with only one or two little glitches where we had to step into help. With four pups born Misty decided to have a rest for a couple of hours. Silly us we were lulled into a false ending. Misty had more to give, though the next pup wasn't gonna come so easily or quickly. Due to Misty losing a lot of blood we contacted the vet and took misty and the 5 pups to have a quick check done. While the vet and I were working with the fifth pup born (he had a little fluid in his lungs) Mary came into say that Misty had just had another pup in the car. Out we went to check the new arrival and bring Misty into the consulting room for a check as well. Shona the vet thought she maybe had another 3 or 4 pups still to come she gave Misty a shot of Oxytocin to help things along there was another pup born in the car as we stopped at the house 10 mins later. With Misty well settled and last pup born about 4.30pm I left Mary and Bill to care for there new additions just after 6pm. Mary phoned later to let me know that another two pups had arrived just after 9pm taking the total to 9. Boy and I thought a litter of 4 Papillons was work!!
Went to visit the new mum and her pups this morning and Mary told me that after everyone had settled for the night (Mary on a futon by the whelping box) Misty proceeded to produce her 10th and final puppy at midnight. There are four bitches and six dogs all feeding well and being looked after by mum just fine.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Agility winner


Leo who does agility with Anna's daughter Gillian along with his mates Bonnie and Fern won 1st in Grade 1 agility today (Sunday). This was after a very good 2nd at The Scottish Kennel Clubs agility competition last weekend. A high flier in the making is Leo.
Good luck to Gillian who works so hard to train her dogs and to Leo, Bonnie (the sweet one) and Fern who has her own mind and knows the course SHE wants to do.

Two shows in one weekend AGAIN!!!!! Sunday

Off at 6.30am, this time heading to Arbroath with Jean Walker and her Japanese Chin, Panda. Collecting Anna and Ruben (who need no introduction) en route.

First in the ring was Jean and Panda who won Best Puppy in Breed for the Japanese Chins.
Anna and Ruben were next in and got placed 4th in Papillon Puppy, Marnie went in the Jr Papillon class and got 2nd. Flame went in the Limit class and was placed 4th. The judge today was breed specialist Debbie Gornall. Best dog, Best bitch and Best of Breed went to Elizabeth Patrick (Volpecula ) Best Puppy in Breed went to Mary Whitehill and Juliana who is sired by a Volpecula dog, so the judge kept to a type. Speaking to her later she commented on the beautiful heads the dogs had. Though we may not have won any prizes with the dogs we did get lucky in the raffle when I won a bottle of Whyte & Makay's Glasgow Special Whisky, which I promptly gave to Anna for her husband Jack. We stayed to the end of the show waiting for Jean and Panda to take part in the Best Puppy in Show, but this was not Panda's day for top honours.
Sue Gray who has been kind enough to take pictures of my dogs for me brought copies of the photo's with her to the show and all the comments made were very nice ones on both the dogs and the quality of the photographs themselves. Thank you Sue for a wonderful job done.
Karen O'Kane (Flames breeder) was upset when Flame came to live with me so as a thank you I gave her a copy of Flame's photo that Sue had taken. Nothing will replace Flame in her home but I hope reading about her here will continue to make Karen feel part of Flame's life.
Marnie and Flame were there two usual selves, always looking for a knee to sit on. Marnie always chooses Anna as her target for attention and Flame has taken to another Papillon exhibitor Mary for her cuddles, which she duly receives now even without asking. LOL
At the end of the day we are lucky enough to be just round the corner from the best fish and chip shop in Arbroath (well we all think so) and we always enjoy our supper on our laps overlooking the harbour before we start our journey home.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Two shows in one weekend AGAIN!!!!! Saturday

Well we had an interesting day at Carluke open show on Saturday. Marnie was in the Papillon Graduate class and Flame was in Papillon Open. After waiting for the judge to finish the terrier group Marnie was first on the table for the judge, very pleasant woman, gentle but firm with the dogs, she commented on how sweet Marnie was and how she always got "dewy eyed " over Papillons, after going over Marnie she then proceeded to ask "How much are they to Buy?" couldn't believe what I'd heard, thought I was mistaken and asked her to repeat what she had said, she did "How much are they to Buy" I gave her the average price for both buying in England and Scotland . She gave Marnie 1st out of 2 dogs, but I must admit I was not very impressed with her trying to make conversation never mind asking prices for pups. Flame's turn came and true to form the first thing the judge did was to lift her ears up!!!! I did tell her that she was a Papillon but the drop eared variety and she said yes she knew that she was a Phalene as her friend bred them??????????? Flame got placed 2nd out of 2 dogs.
Best of Breed and Toy Group 1 went to Margaret & Brian Cochranes Glenscot Happy Tartan Lad at Cavillion. Well Done.
Not being to busy I was asked to help handle a Schiperke in the AVNSC Utility and got 3rd with Poppy who is two and a half years old and a great natured little lady who likes her sausages. LOL.
Anna and Ruben were entered but didn't go. After losing one of Tootsies puppies at 3 weeks old on Friday Anna was still understandably upset and just not ready to face those ringside friends whom she knew were feeling the loss with her. It is never easy to say goodbye to our friends no matter what age they are. Sleep tight little AJ xxx

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Before and After

(Photo Courtesy of Joe Cassidy)
Aflie on Friday evening out for a paddle

(Photo Courtesy of Sue Gray)
Alfie on Saturday evening after winning best in show

So Hot

Abbeyton Some Like It Hot
(Photo Courtesy of Sue Gray)

Flame the Phalene

Northlyte Fire 'n Brimstone at Abbeyton
(Photo Courtesy of Sue Gray)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Alfie Knows What It's All About Now



Our day at Scottish Papillon Club Show

What a busy weekend we had all the dogs spent the day at home with Jim while I went to Scottish Kennel Club and stewarded for the judges of Pyrenean Mountain Dogs, Australian Cattle Dogs and Polish Lowland Dogs. The entry for each breed was quite low and the judges quite efficient so I got home about 5pm giving me plenty of time to bath the dogs for the Clubshow the following day.

Joe arrived with Aflie at 6.30am and we set off to collect Anna and Ruben. We arrived at the venue in Lanark in plenty of time for setting up the ring, grooming area etc. As this was our first time using this venue for the club we had a few teething problems which were quickly ironed out with the help of the Scottish Pomeranian Club committee with whom the Scottish Papillon Club were sharing the venue. Judging for the Poms started at 10am and the Papillons at 10.30am. First in the ring from amongst our travelling companions was Anna with Ruben (Northlyte Timeless) who won 1st Puppy Dog.

RUBEN (Photo Courtesy of Sue Gray)

Next up was Joe and Alfie (Abbeyton What's It All About) who also 1st in won Junior Dog.

My first dog in the ring was Marnie (Abbeyton Some Like It Hot) who went 2nd in Junior Bitch, being beaten by the bitch which won the CC and reserve best in show. Flame was entered for two classes her first being Open Bitch where she was place 2nd. This was enough for her to get her Stud Book Number, she then went 2nd in the Special Phalene dog/bitch class. There was no stopping either of the girls, they both went really well. Marnie was called in to be considered for the Reserve Bitch CC, but the judge gave it to the Limit class winner. Anna with Ruben and Joe with Alfie had to go in the ring to compete in the challenge for the dog cc. Boy it was hard on the heart standing at the side watching. Dog Challenge Certificate went to Joe with ABBEYTON WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT (Alfie), I don't know how Joe was feeling, but I know that I must have deafened the exhibitors standing around me when I started screaming. What a great achievement for them. At only his third championship show (one of them crufts) Joe and Alfie won the Dog CC. After the Bitch CC was awarded they had to go in the ring again for the judge to decide who was Best of Breed and Best In Show, at this point I was talking to Sue (Bankshill) on the phone telling her the news (her boy Lewis is the sire of Alfie) I think it will take a few months for her hearing to get back to normal as I screamed in her ear that JOE & SUSAN'S ABBEYTON WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT had just won BoB and BEST IN SHOW.

As we left the show we were caught in a downpour of rain and had to get everything in the car as quick as possible so as you can imagine when we left the venue at 6pm we were all tired absolutely elated, soaked to the skin!!!!!!! and no one gave a damn.
Must make a comment about the show itself, the venue was nice and bright with loads of natural daylight coming in from roof. Myself and Francis from the Pom club joined forces in our attempt to get the exhibitors to part with another pound or two for the very large raffle that so many people had donated to. And what a great time I had in my other "pastime" talking, everyone was really cheery (OK not everyone but most) and everyone seemed to think that the sharing of the venue was a great idea, shame the chef didn't make enough caramel apple cake to go round everyone for lunch LOL and thank you to Malcolm who was celebrating his sixtieth birthday for my glass of wine and piece cake, it was really tasty. Also a mention to Adam our new committee member and his new Papillon Spellbinder at Amicea (Leo) who made there debut in the ring today, you were both very smart and really worked well together. Good luck for the future.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Flame lights the way

Anna (Bonmeshay) left her girl Tootsie and her new pups in the care of her husband Jack and spent Saturday with me standing in a cold wet and windy public park in Thornton Kirkcaldy. This was the Kirkcaldy & District open show.

Anna was first in the ring with Ruben in Papillon Puppy which he won, Marnie was next in Papillon Graduate and got placed 2nd, Flame strolled into the ring for Papillon open and was placed first, this was her first since she came to live with us. Ruben then went on to take Best of Breed, Toy Group 3 and Group 1 Toy Puppy. Judge Mrs June Martin (Ffain)
(Awaiting Photo)

On Sunday it was a five minute drive in the sunshine to the Magnum in Irvine, where Cumnock and District held there open show.
Marnie and Ruben were both in the same class today Papillon Graduate in which Ruben was placed first and Marnie stood second. Flame for the second day running was full of confidence and showed her socks off. Again today we had a judge who recognised Flame as a Phalene. Flame won first Papillon Open, Best of Breed then Toy Group 4.
Judge Mr R Crooks (Crooksmoor)


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What a Weekend

First port of call this weekend was to help Anna to whelp Tootsie (Abbeyton To Sweet To Kiss at Bonmeshay JW) who gave birth to two beautiful puppies.

Went with Marnie and Flame to a local limit show, as both Marnie and Flame were in the same class Papillon open, Marnie was handled by Jemma who has Labradors. Jemma and Marnie won first and Best of Breed. Unfortunately when I put Flame on the table the first thing the judge did was to try and lift her ears into an erect position, (OOPS) she was placed second behind Marnie.

The next day was the Companion show for WAG. It was a wet and windy day with the occasional bit of sunshine. Marnie got second in AV Junior and Flame was fifth in AV Toy, Anna came along with Ruben fourth AV Toy and Susan was there with Alfie his first outing at a show this year and he got second AV Toy. Well done Susan and Alfie. The judge this time knew what Flame was and said he was surprised to see a Phalene there.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007



(Photo courtesy of Alan Walker from Our Dogs)

(13 months of age)
Owned by Mr Mark Whitehill, handled by Mrs Mary Whitehill (Marks Mum)
bred by Comrie, Comrie and Whitehill.
Breed judge - Caroline Lee-Farnsworth, Group judge - Albert Wight, Best In Show judge - Jean Lanning
Well done everyone from all at Abbeyton.