Wednesday, May 30, 2007

First Night Training

(Abbeyton Moonlight Shadow)
What a night we had, Shadow took to being with the dogs in his class like a duck to water. And he wasn't shy no matter who it was that came past to say hello, his only problem is he ALWAYS has to have the last word.
Not exactly showing his best side, his trim at the back came courtesy of my husband and vet Alan. When Shadow went with Jim for his 2nd puppy vaccination (I was at WELKS) he had got some dirt on his coat at the rear, so rather than wash they took scissors and just cut away enough coat to leave Shadow with a bare rear but clean (I suppose).
OH well look what happens when you leave the guys in charge!!!!

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Anonymous said...

.... thats just the sort of thing my hubby would do too Joan.. Shadow still looking gorgeous though. Debs in Wales