Sunday, May 27, 2007

Two shows in one weekend AGAIN!!!!! Sunday

Off at 6.30am, this time heading to Arbroath with Jean Walker and her Japanese Chin, Panda. Collecting Anna and Ruben (who need no introduction) en route.

First in the ring was Jean and Panda who won Best Puppy in Breed for the Japanese Chins.
Anna and Ruben were next in and got placed 4th in Papillon Puppy, Marnie went in the Jr Papillon class and got 2nd. Flame went in the Limit class and was placed 4th. The judge today was breed specialist Debbie Gornall. Best dog, Best bitch and Best of Breed went to Elizabeth Patrick (Volpecula ) Best Puppy in Breed went to Mary Whitehill and Juliana who is sired by a Volpecula dog, so the judge kept to a type. Speaking to her later she commented on the beautiful heads the dogs had. Though we may not have won any prizes with the dogs we did get lucky in the raffle when I won a bottle of Whyte & Makay's Glasgow Special Whisky, which I promptly gave to Anna for her husband Jack. We stayed to the end of the show waiting for Jean and Panda to take part in the Best Puppy in Show, but this was not Panda's day for top honours.
Sue Gray who has been kind enough to take pictures of my dogs for me brought copies of the photo's with her to the show and all the comments made were very nice ones on both the dogs and the quality of the photographs themselves. Thank you Sue for a wonderful job done.
Karen O'Kane (Flames breeder) was upset when Flame came to live with me so as a thank you I gave her a copy of Flame's photo that Sue had taken. Nothing will replace Flame in her home but I hope reading about her here will continue to make Karen feel part of Flame's life.
Marnie and Flame were there two usual selves, always looking for a knee to sit on. Marnie always chooses Anna as her target for attention and Flame has taken to another Papillon exhibitor Mary for her cuddles, which she duly receives now even without asking. LOL
At the end of the day we are lucky enough to be just round the corner from the best fish and chip shop in Arbroath (well we all think so) and we always enjoy our supper on our laps overlooking the harbour before we start our journey home.

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Thanks for the honorable mention and a cuddle for you as well! Free! Mary