Wednesday, December 12, 2007

would like to wish all our visitors and friends a very Merry Christmas

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Ruben does it again

Following on from Ruben's recent
at Scottish Toydog Open Show
Ruben today won
at North of Scotland Toydog Open Show

Monday, October 29, 2007

Show weekend

Went to the local open show today Saturday 27th October with Marnie and Shadow, being the only Papillons entered in the two Papillon classes there wasn't much in the way of competition. Shadow got 1st in graduate and Marnie got 1st in open.
Shadow beat Marnie in the challege for Best of Breed also taking group 3 and placed 2nd in the special Puppy class.

On Sunday the 28th we travelled to Stafford for the Midland counties champ show with Anna and Ruben, all three dogs were placed (from a total entry of 208 dogs) Shadow and Ruben taking 4th place in there class and Marnie being placed 5th (VHC) in her class.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A day at the groomers

Domino (Abbeyton Silver Rain Sh CM) went this morning to the groomers for his usual treat. He gets to run round and play with the other dogs while each is waiting there turn for the bath, dryer or every ones favourite piece of equipment the "drying cabinet". Here they are rest assured to have a nice warm snooze. Then it's up onto the grooming table for the last wee trim.

Today proved to be a more expensive trip than normal as while reverse parking my car in front of the groomers a "little old lady" (huh) decided to try and squeeze through the space between my car and the centre island on the road, as you can see in the picture below I lost an indicator unit, the "little old lady" !!!!!! got a small scrape on her bumper which she is now claiming on the insurance, hope they realise that the scrape measuring approx a half inch is new !!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. Just as well Jim has a car big enough for me and a few dogs for the show at the weekend.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bankshill joins the Bloggers

Sue Deamer of Bankshill Show Dogs has now got her own blog where you will be able to keep updated on Wills (Abbeyton Isle B Willin T Tri at Bankshill) and Sue's other dogs.

Her address is or just click the link Bankshill Show Dogs

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Monday, October 01, 2007

Belfast 3 1 2

Went to Belfast today with Anna and Angela, as we were booked on the 5am ferry it was an early start which means early to bed. But don't you hate it when you know you should be sleeping but can't? I gave up trying about 11pm.
Shadow and Marnie had there full baths before going to bed, Wills had merely had his first wash to remove the usual dog underbelly staining and aroma!!! Wills was back in the bath and standing looking really good at midnight.

Angela arrived at 1.30am with Logan and Serena , we loaded her car with the trolley, five dogs and and all the other paraphernalia you take with you and sometimes never use, but it's there "just in case". lol Met Anna at 2am and got Ruben loaded with everyone else and of course Anna's bits and bobs too. And honest we don't have a van, it all goes into a normal family estate car.

Anyway the drive and ferry trip was the usual everyone catching up with what everyone else had been up to and trying to predict the outcome of the judging, sometimes we get some of it right and most of the time we get it all wrong, but the fun is in trying to second guess the judge and then see if the rumours is true as to who gets what awards.

Shadow was the first as usual to go in the ring for our judge Brenda Banbury, as there was no minor puppy classes he went in Puppy Dog with the pups up to 12 months old. He showed well on the floor but was little bit hesitant on the table for the judge, I think maybe her rushed manner made him think twice about letting her go over him. He was placed 3rd from a class of five pups. Anna and Ruben were next in Junior dog and got a 2nd today. Wills looking really good today went for the first time into Post Graduate dog and took great pleasure from having me all to himself for a time. On the table the judge was so quick in going over him that he didn't seem to notice she was there at all. The judge really took her time with this class and after going up and down then back up and down the line of dogs again she eventually pulled Wills out in her shortlist where she again moved the dogs individually and again all together then finally she pulled the dogs out into there places and Wills was at the top of the line in first place, well done Wills. And the really nice thing was that his mum Sue was able to be there to see him win, before rushing off to get her ferry home.
Angela and Logan were in the ring next in Open dog and were unplaced.
First of the girls in the ring was Marnie, again like her brother Wills in Post Graduate for the first time and held her own very well against some very nice bitches. She was placed 2nd. Anglea was in Open Bitch with Serena and again was unplaced, some days you just can't seem to do it right and other days it all just falls in place.

At the ringside people were enjoying there day out chatting and laughing a lot. We were benched next to a couple with a Japanese Spitz who were very nice and we enjoyed the day sharing conversation and tips on keeping white coats white, and of course congratulating or commiserating with each other win or lose. Well they did win very well indeed taking the Dog CC, Best of Breed and 3rd place in the group. Well done ALOCOQUE PLATINUM CHARMER (MRS N HALL).

The return journey home was all about who had done what in the ring, we also spoke about how everyone commented on the judge and her judging manner. When Shadow was in the ring she was very quick going over him but at least she checked he was an entire dog, but by the time we got Wills in the ring it seemed be enough for her to check his mouth cup his ears and then...... well that was it, no going over the dogs body, legs tail or anything behind the head. She was also able to write critiques leaning over the table with her back to the dogs and never again looking at them. Maybe she has a photographic memory.

Anyway that was Belfast for another year, didn't get to meet my friend Sue and her new puppies out of my boy Domino (Abbeyton Silver Rain) as she wasn't feeling very well. Looks like I'll just have to get on the boat one day and go over to visit. Can't wait to see them as one of them looks like she might be a Phalene, now how great would that be.

Will put some pictures up later when I feel more like myself and not so travel weary.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pigeons and Papillons meet

These photographs were taken a few years ago and show the meeting of Papillon puppy's and that seasons young racing pigeons.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Anna starts blogging

Anna and Gillian at Bonmeshay show and agility dogs launched there new blog this morning.

Visit them at or click on the link BONMESHAY

Monday, September 24, 2007

How to

Turn a show weekend from one you want to forget to one to remember.

Went to Driffield show on Saturday with Anna, Angela and their dogs. Our judge to day was Mr Howard Ogden (Beauview). Travelled there at a leisurely speed as I thought wrongly that Shadow was so grown up and old enough to be in the Puppy dog class, and was I wrong. I stood at the ringside with Shadow in my arms and watched Minor Puppy Dog being judged, even applauded the winners!!!!! When the steward called for the dogs for Puppy dog in went Shadow and I only for the steward to check her catalogue and tell me we were in the previous class. Nobody's fault but mine.

Note to me:- Check the catalogue when you arrive don't assume it's as you think.

Any way still kicking myself very hard Anna and I were both entered in the Junior dog class, Anna won 2nd place with Ruben (Northlyte Timeless At Bonmeshay) and I had Wills (Abbeyton Isle B Willin To Tri At Bankshill) who won 1st place. Angela who travelled with us was in the Open Dog class with her dog Logan (Pamhurst Whisper At Adnamashan) who was placed a very respectable 5th in a well turned out class.

(Photo Courtesy of E. Patrick at Scottish Papillon Club News Blog)

Next up was the girls, Marnie was in Junior Bitch for the last time at a champ show as she will be 18 months on the 27th September. Any way she was her usual self racing to get from one end of the ring to the other and when she should have been standing still she just had to let everyone see how high she could jump without the aid of a trampoline!!!!! Marnie was placed 3rd from a very nice class of bitches.

Anna and Angela were both next in Post Graduate Bitch. Anna with Tootsie (Abbeyton To Sweet To Kiss At Bonmeshay JW) and Angela with Serena (Adnamshan Serenity) who won 1st in the class and Tootsie was unplaced.

Judging finished quite early in the afternoon so we took a walk round the stalls and then settled ourselves at the benching with absolutely delicious fish and chips for lunch. It was really nice, the sun was shining and people were stopping for a chat. After lunch it was time to pack up and head home as we all had other things planned for the Sunday.

Angela was going to her Grandsons christening (her first one) and Anna and I were both going to Scottish Toydog Society open show at Bonnybridge near Falkirk.

This is where having a KRAFT day can turn the next day to absolute delight.

At Scottish Toydog show Shadow came 2nd to Ruben who won the Papillon Junior dog class under judge Wendy Wilson (Adinaken). Marnie was in Papillon Junior Bitch which she won under Judge Linda Cummins who also gave a 1st in Papillon Open Bitch to Flame.

Ruben won Best Dog and Flame won Best Bitch, both judges then had to agree on there Best of Breed which went to Ruben.

After a long wait judge Mrs Margaret Boulcott (Ingerdorm) declared Anna and Ruben BEST IN SHOW and what a moment that was for Anna and Gillian (Anna's daughter) the applause started as the judge walked towards Anna and Ruben and continued till Anna left the ring to go home, it was a wonderful moment in which everyone hugged, kissed, shook hands patted backs and wiped there eyes. Many of us are lucky enough to have Anna as a friend and knowing the person she is and the ups and downs life has thrown at her lately, what a joy to hear that when visiting her husband Jack in hospital he to had good news that he was being allowed home in the next few days. So an all round good news day.

Well done Anna, Gillian and Ruben from all at ABBEYTON.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Today at Scottish Toydog Society open show "RUBEN" won
BEST IN SHOW under Judge Mrs Margaret Boulcott.

Friday, September 21, 2007





Well done Anna and Gillian your second Papillon to gain his Junior Warrant.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Flame as never before seen

What do you think she is saying????

It's only mud!!

"Not fair why does He (being Shadow) get to stay in the puddle"???

When The Wind Blows

OH my it was certainly a case of hold on to your hats at Darlington Champ Show yesterday. (Wasn't it Dougie?).
We were fortunate that the rain stayed away and we only had the wind to contend with, which was more than enough.

Darlington Championship Show is held in the grounds of Newby Hall, North Yorkshire and what a beautiful venue it is. Certainly worth a visit if you are out on a wee jaunt.

Shadow and Marnie travelled to day without there companion Flame, and Anna was unable to go as her husband Jack is in hospital undergoing very invasive surgery and I'm sure that all our friends who read this will with me wish Jack a speedy recovery back to health.
Anna's daughter Gillian travelled with me and had Ruben and Tootsie with her.

Shadow (Abbeyton Moonlight Shadow) was first to go in the ring and with his nose stuck firmly to the ground the judge Mrs Catherine Urqhart (Blackpark) got to see no more of Shadow than his backside and the top of his head. Not surprising that he was unplaced.
Next in the ring was Ruben (Northlyte Timeless At Bonmeshay) with Gillian and they stood out in the class, really showy. Ruben won 1st place in Junior Dog giving him his final point for his Junior Warrant, this gives him his stud book number and qualifies him for Crufts Dog show for life. Well done Anna, Gillian and of course the boy himself Ruben.
Next to go was Marnie (Abbeyton Some Like It Hot) and boy did she go, like a wee train, I was almost running to keep up with her. Not putting a foot wrong, except when all four were in the air (Marnie likes to jump) she showed really well and enjoyed being in the class even taking time to play with some of the other dogs next to us. Marnie won 1st in Junior Bitch.
Tootsie (Abbeyton To Sweet To Kiss at Bonmeshay) again with Gillian was shown in Yearling Bitch and took a very respectable 3rd place and did she enjoy being back out showing?? You bet she did, as her Mum describes her "like a wild thing on a string" she sure was.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Show Goes On

Marnie, Flame and Shadow have spent the last few weeks going down the motorways to the Champ shows as well as supporting the Papillon classes at local open shows.

And all of them are doing very well.

Marnie (Abbeyton Some Like It Hot) continues to do well in the Junior classes and is now moving up to Post Graduate where she will be competing against some very nice bitches.

Flame (Northlyte Fire 'n Brimstone at Abbeyton) will be taking some time from the ring to put her paws up at home and have a rest.


Photo by Ann Cooper (Ancojo Papillons)

Shadow (Abbeyton Moonlight Shadow) continues in his winning ways with a 1st Minor Puppy Dog at Scottish Kennel Club, judge Mr. Bryn Cadogan.

Also winning 1st at Richmond and Best Puppy Dog from judge Mr. Jim Ness (Chappell).

Remember you can keep up with all the show results and pictures (courtesy of E Patrick) at the Scottish Papillon Club News Blog

Our Calendar Girl

Say hello to our very own calendar girl Flame.

Flame's picture was entered in the calendar competition run by The Northern and Eastern Counties Papillon Club who produce a calendar annually.
The pictures for the calendar are chosen from those on view at the Open Show each July.

Calendars can be pre ordered from the club website or direct from Dorothy by email

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Shadow steps into the limelight

The day after Shadow did his little walk about I phoned the vet and arranged to have him microchiped (ouch) I prefer to have my dogs done about 1 year old but I thought if Shadow has a bit of the wanderer in him I would rather be safe than sorry (though a few weeks later I did wonder if I did the right thing).

Well we went to Shadows first show (and a championship show at that) East of England at Peterborough our judge was Irene McManus (Metexa).
Having travelled down with Anna Fraser (Bonmeshay) and Joe Cassidy who owns Abbeyton What's It All About we arrived in good time to let the dogs stretch there legs and have a good walk before show time.

Shadow was entered in the Minor Puppy Dog class and was six months on the day. Being in among so many other dogs didn't seem to phase Shadow in any way and he just got on with his day. In the ring he was quite happy to show himself off to all and sundry provided they didn't try and touch him, he backed away and dropped his tail and could only be encouraged with some food to approach other people. Little did I know that when he went on the table for the judge his first thought was of the vet and being microchiped! As soon as the judge approached him he went rigid and when she went to go over him he let us both know with a little bit of vocals that he did not want to be touched, after a few moments he settled enough for the judge to see him and was placed 4th in the class. I was so upset at his behaviour, it was just difficult to believe that such a little charmer at home could become this not so nice puppy.
It was only later in the day when speaking to others that I realised having him microchiped a few weeks before the show was not a good idea. Shadow thought that the judge was going to hurt him and reacted accordingly.

Shadow's next outing was to Leeds championship show where his behaviour was so much better but still not 100% on the table. The judge Jean Grant (Gransil) was very patient with him and awarded him 1st place in Minor Puppy Dog.


(Photo Courtesy of E. Patrick at Scottish Papillon Club News Blog)

Ever the optimist we went to a local open show and Shadow had a little set back and again showed his dislike of being handled by a stranger. Isn't it nice that judges can be so kind and forgiving of a little pups hang ups. Breed judge Amanda Skelton gave Shadow 1st in Papillon Puppy. In the Any Variety Minor Puppy class Shadow was again placed 1st, the judge was Angela Skelton (Adnamashan) and she was especially good with Shadow even taking a moment to give him a cuddle reassuring him that not everyone was going to hurt him. Shadow then won Puppy group 2 which I was very pleased with.

Having joined a not so local training class especially for toy/small breeds of dog I travelled an 80 mile round trip to have some help in retraining Shadow on the table. One of the pluses at this club is that the baby puppies get to play and chase each other round the hall for first half hour before putting their leads on for ringcraft training. With the help of trainers Astrid Ogilvie and Kaye McDowall Shadow is doing well and thanks also to the members who happily let Shadow have some of there dogs treats as a reward for going to say hello.

More catch up later .......................

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Blackpool Champ Show

Left quite early today to collect Jean and Panda, then to stop and pick up Anna and Ruben for the drive to Blackpool champ show. Having decided that Marnie was taking a loan of me by getting to sit in the front she went to bed in her traveling box and was lifted straight to the car, she travelled for four hours without once drooling and getting her bib all wet.
Arrived at the show with plenty of time to meet and chat with other people before the 9am start time. When the sun was out it was really hot, but thankfully for the dogs it was cloudy most of the time with a wee shower of rain about 2 o'clock.
Anna was again first in the ring with Ruben and he won reserve (4th) in his Puppy class. Our next champ show in July is East of England and it will be my turn to be first in the ring with Shadow for minor puppy dog class, anyway that's the future. Marnie was again 2nd to Joe Magri and Nicole in the Jr class, Joe and Nicole went on the win there third CC making Nicole a champion. Well done to them both and of course the breeders. Flame was in Sp Yearling and came up against another Phalene in her class, the other Phalene got 3rd in the class and Flame got the VHC (5th). I'm really pleased with how both girls are showing at present, they go out enjoy there day and make my job easy.
Jean and Panda were also came home with 3rd from Japanese Chin puppy.

As we were loading the car for the journey home I got a telephone call from Jim at home asking how many dogs he was supposed to have? Workmen had left the front door open and when the dogs were allowed back into the house they went straight back out the front. Our neighbours saw them and collected the three adults, but Shadow being the enterprising little so and so took the opportunity to check out the street with no supervision (or so he thought) neighbour John was following closely and when Shadow stopped to look into another neighbours garden John called to him and fortunately he waited to be picked up and given a cuddle from John. I was never so glad to get home and see that everyone was alright.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Border Union Champ Show

What a difference it makes being only a few minutes walk from the showground, both Anna and I had a comfortable nights sleep and the dogs to were a lot more relaxed after a good nights sleep. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the party the night before and there was only one person that I knew off suffering from a hangover and she soon got over that by the time judging started.
After a filling and warm breakfast (courtesy of Liz and Dougie) we loaded the dogs onto the trolley and set off across the site to the show ground proper.
Our judge today was Annette Oliver-Wyles and Anna was first in with Ruben who after a relaxed night really seemed to enjoy himself in the ring a won 1st in Puppy Dog.
Marnie was next in and again was full of "jumping" beans, she again stood 2nd to Joe Magri and his girl Nicole who won the reserve CC. Flame was in Post Graduate bitch and came 2nd in that class, which for a young Phalene is a good placing, especially when you have a very nice black and white Papillon in front of you.
I had been asked by Linda and Joe if I could handle there girl Poppy in Schiperke Post Graduate which I was pleased to do, we were placed 1st.
While I was at the Schiperke ring the Papillon exhibitors were entertained by the Wicked Witch and Papillonman, you can see photos and read the show results at the Scottish Pap News Blog.
After the show was finished Anna and I again courtesy of Liz and Dougie had a good dinner before driving home.
To Liz and Dougie, Anna and I both would like to say thank you for a great time.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Liz's Garden Party

Having recieved our invites to attend LIZ's Garden Party on Saturday evening prior to showing on the Sunday my weekend began Saturday at 9am. With Marnie and Flame we drove to Darvel to collect Anna and Ruben. Boy did Anna come prepared for every eventuallity!!! I even asked her was there a problem that she didn't want to bring the kitchen sink or did she just forget? I won't type what she said but I did laugh. Travelled to Glasgow to collect Tiger as his Mum couldn't go (she was going to a real POSH do). When we arrived in Glasgow we discovered that not only were we taking Tiger but a huge roll of plain white paper, a carrier and (can you guess) >>>>>>>>>>>>> YEP A BABY BATH!!!!!!!! LOL who needs the kitchen sink. I'm so glad that Jean and Panda had been able to get a lift with someone else for the Sunday because there was just no way we could have squashed in a mouse let alone a handsome Japanese Chin and his Mum.

The journey to Kelso was quite uneventful, we chatted and we chatted and we talked some more 3 hours worth and only missed one turning because Anna kept me distracted with her chatter (yeah right). Arrived at the caravan park found where Liz and Dougie had set up and unloaded the car. And were the dogs ever so grateful to get out and have a good stretch and see to business.

The reason for the Garden Party was Liz had made a new garden fence for round her caravan and we all decided that we were going to check it out on it's first outing. Dougie being the perfect host tended to our every need and Liz being the perfect wife left him to it!!! LOL So we didn't keep Dougie back from his preparations in any way we walked to the dog show and did some shopping, I bought some new shampoo, conditioner, collar and lead (just what I needed not) of course I put it on Jim's card.

We arrived back at the van to find that Dougie had everything in hand and with the arrival of Pam (Pamhurst Papillons) or (Pampered Pooches Grooming near Dundee) and Karen (Liz's daughter), deliveries of food and liquid refreshment from other (happy campers) people round the site the party atmosphere was well and truly established. And I suppose you can guess the rest, the talk most of the night was dogs, dogs, and more dogs. OK with the odd joke, CHARADE and Scarecrow thrown in just to keep things going. We even had a visit from the Wicked Witch (awaiting photo's) from PAPNET (it's a yahoo group about papillons (now there's a surprise) she and Kevin the moderator aka KERMIT the green frog keep the group amused with there banter at times. People started to drift off home remembering that they did have to be up and have dogs ready for showing at 9am next morning.

I think suffice to say for Saturday that everyone enjoyed Liz and Dougie's hospitality and would surely be standing in line for the next one (if there ever is again).

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Dundee Canine Club

Oh well off we went again, and this time to Dundee, left Ayrshire in glorious sunshine and met the low cloud and mist just past Stirling. An hour from the venue and Jean reminded me that she was first in the ring with Panda at 9.30am, OOPS I had only checked the ring we were in and as Papillons weren't in the ring till after Poms I had timed the journey to arrive about 9.30am. So rather than the saunter up the road I was looking for I was now an hour away from the venue with 45 minutes till judging started. Someone that I passed on the road mentioned me having a club foot!!! don't know what they meant by that at all. LOL Anyway suffice to say we arrived at the show at 9.25. Jean and Panda had plenty time to get sorted out as judging had been delayed by 15 mins. The sunshine must have followed us, within ten mins of arriving we were basking in the heat and the dogs took advantage of the shade provided by the tenting.
Panda won his class also taking Best of Breed, Anna and Ruben won in a very good class of Papillon pups, also winning AV Special Puppy. Marnie won the Papillon Jr and Flame got third in Post Grad. Papillon judge was Margaret Boulcott (Ingerdorm) and Group judge was Irene Robb (Gleniren). As time was pushing on and Jean had to be home to attend an 80th birthday party it was hit the road asap so Jean could get all dolled up for going straight back out for the night.
We had an extra passenger on the road to Dundee but did not come back with us. We had a homing pigeon into our Abbeyton Lofts from Aberdeen and we had arranged with the owner to keep it for a few days and then I would liberate it in Dundee from where he trains his pigeons.
And yes it really is a small world. Why? I took the pigeon from his basket and as arranged was letting him go at 10am as I let the pigeon go and voice from behind asked if I was single tossing (this is when pigeons are trained individually and not liberated in batches) I turned to see a lady with a very nice Border Terrier, I explained about the pigeon and she said what a shame I had already let it go as she came from Aberdeen and could have delivered it to it's owner. Turns out her husband is also a pigeon fancier and she like me spends a lot of time taking the pigeons out training.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Panda's looking good

Went to Livingston open show on Saturday with Jean and Panda (Japanese Chin), Anna was entered but sometimes family comes first and plans are made for changing on occasions.

Marnie was 2nd in Papillon Jr and 1st Papillon Graduate, Flame was 4th in Papillon Open which was won by Adam Phillips dog Spell Binder at Amicae. Leo was handled by Lynda(Adams Mum), who I know is not a great fan of being in the ring, but the sacrifices Mums make for there children are worth it. Leo went on to win Best of Breed and Toy Group 4.

Jean and Panda were entered in the AVNSC open class which they won. They then won 1st in AV Toy puppy. After being placed Toy Group 3 Panda then went on to win Best Puppy in Toy Group. This meant we had to wait till the end of the show for Best Puppy In Show award, it went this time to a very nice young GSP handled by Hilary. Well Done Everyone.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

First Night Training

(Abbeyton Moonlight Shadow)
What a night we had, Shadow took to being with the dogs in his class like a duck to water. And he wasn't shy no matter who it was that came past to say hello, his only problem is he ALWAYS has to have the last word.
Not exactly showing his best side, his trim at the back came courtesy of my husband and vet Alan. When Shadow went with Jim for his 2nd puppy vaccination (I was at WELKS) he had got some dirt on his coat at the rear, so rather than wash they took scissors and just cut away enough coat to leave Shadow with a bare rear but clean (I suppose).
OH well look what happens when you leave the guys in charge!!!!

Puppies Galore

Meet Eve, first puppy for BONMESHAY

Misty and her pups settling in.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Deerhounds in progress!!!

Got a phone call today from my friend Mary who had just found a deer hound puppy still attached to it's placenta in the bushes. Mum Misty kept pace as Mary dashed to the house with the pup. After telling Mary what to do with the pup I drove the few minutes it takes to reach her home. Misty was fantastic, she had her puppies one after the other with only one or two little glitches where we had to step into help. With four pups born Misty decided to have a rest for a couple of hours. Silly us we were lulled into a false ending. Misty had more to give, though the next pup wasn't gonna come so easily or quickly. Due to Misty losing a lot of blood we contacted the vet and took misty and the 5 pups to have a quick check done. While the vet and I were working with the fifth pup born (he had a little fluid in his lungs) Mary came into say that Misty had just had another pup in the car. Out we went to check the new arrival and bring Misty into the consulting room for a check as well. Shona the vet thought she maybe had another 3 or 4 pups still to come she gave Misty a shot of Oxytocin to help things along there was another pup born in the car as we stopped at the house 10 mins later. With Misty well settled and last pup born about 4.30pm I left Mary and Bill to care for there new additions just after 6pm. Mary phoned later to let me know that another two pups had arrived just after 9pm taking the total to 9. Boy and I thought a litter of 4 Papillons was work!!
Went to visit the new mum and her pups this morning and Mary told me that after everyone had settled for the night (Mary on a futon by the whelping box) Misty proceeded to produce her 10th and final puppy at midnight. There are four bitches and six dogs all feeding well and being looked after by mum just fine.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Agility winner


Leo who does agility with Anna's daughter Gillian along with his mates Bonnie and Fern won 1st in Grade 1 agility today (Sunday). This was after a very good 2nd at The Scottish Kennel Clubs agility competition last weekend. A high flier in the making is Leo.
Good luck to Gillian who works so hard to train her dogs and to Leo, Bonnie (the sweet one) and Fern who has her own mind and knows the course SHE wants to do.

Two shows in one weekend AGAIN!!!!! Sunday

Off at 6.30am, this time heading to Arbroath with Jean Walker and her Japanese Chin, Panda. Collecting Anna and Ruben (who need no introduction) en route.

First in the ring was Jean and Panda who won Best Puppy in Breed for the Japanese Chins.
Anna and Ruben were next in and got placed 4th in Papillon Puppy, Marnie went in the Jr Papillon class and got 2nd. Flame went in the Limit class and was placed 4th. The judge today was breed specialist Debbie Gornall. Best dog, Best bitch and Best of Breed went to Elizabeth Patrick (Volpecula ) Best Puppy in Breed went to Mary Whitehill and Juliana who is sired by a Volpecula dog, so the judge kept to a type. Speaking to her later she commented on the beautiful heads the dogs had. Though we may not have won any prizes with the dogs we did get lucky in the raffle when I won a bottle of Whyte & Makay's Glasgow Special Whisky, which I promptly gave to Anna for her husband Jack. We stayed to the end of the show waiting for Jean and Panda to take part in the Best Puppy in Show, but this was not Panda's day for top honours.
Sue Gray who has been kind enough to take pictures of my dogs for me brought copies of the photo's with her to the show and all the comments made were very nice ones on both the dogs and the quality of the photographs themselves. Thank you Sue for a wonderful job done.
Karen O'Kane (Flames breeder) was upset when Flame came to live with me so as a thank you I gave her a copy of Flame's photo that Sue had taken. Nothing will replace Flame in her home but I hope reading about her here will continue to make Karen feel part of Flame's life.
Marnie and Flame were there two usual selves, always looking for a knee to sit on. Marnie always chooses Anna as her target for attention and Flame has taken to another Papillon exhibitor Mary for her cuddles, which she duly receives now even without asking. LOL
At the end of the day we are lucky enough to be just round the corner from the best fish and chip shop in Arbroath (well we all think so) and we always enjoy our supper on our laps overlooking the harbour before we start our journey home.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Two shows in one weekend AGAIN!!!!! Saturday

Well we had an interesting day at Carluke open show on Saturday. Marnie was in the Papillon Graduate class and Flame was in Papillon Open. After waiting for the judge to finish the terrier group Marnie was first on the table for the judge, very pleasant woman, gentle but firm with the dogs, she commented on how sweet Marnie was and how she always got "dewy eyed " over Papillons, after going over Marnie she then proceeded to ask "How much are they to Buy?" couldn't believe what I'd heard, thought I was mistaken and asked her to repeat what she had said, she did "How much are they to Buy" I gave her the average price for both buying in England and Scotland . She gave Marnie 1st out of 2 dogs, but I must admit I was not very impressed with her trying to make conversation never mind asking prices for pups. Flame's turn came and true to form the first thing the judge did was to lift her ears up!!!! I did tell her that she was a Papillon but the drop eared variety and she said yes she knew that she was a Phalene as her friend bred them??????????? Flame got placed 2nd out of 2 dogs.
Best of Breed and Toy Group 1 went to Margaret & Brian Cochranes Glenscot Happy Tartan Lad at Cavillion. Well Done.
Not being to busy I was asked to help handle a Schiperke in the AVNSC Utility and got 3rd with Poppy who is two and a half years old and a great natured little lady who likes her sausages. LOL.
Anna and Ruben were entered but didn't go. After losing one of Tootsies puppies at 3 weeks old on Friday Anna was still understandably upset and just not ready to face those ringside friends whom she knew were feeling the loss with her. It is never easy to say goodbye to our friends no matter what age they are. Sleep tight little AJ xxx

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Before and After

(Photo Courtesy of Joe Cassidy)
Aflie on Friday evening out for a paddle

(Photo Courtesy of Sue Gray)
Alfie on Saturday evening after winning best in show

So Hot

Abbeyton Some Like It Hot
(Photo Courtesy of Sue Gray)

Flame the Phalene

Northlyte Fire 'n Brimstone at Abbeyton
(Photo Courtesy of Sue Gray)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Alfie Knows What It's All About Now



Our day at Scottish Papillon Club Show

What a busy weekend we had all the dogs spent the day at home with Jim while I went to Scottish Kennel Club and stewarded for the judges of Pyrenean Mountain Dogs, Australian Cattle Dogs and Polish Lowland Dogs. The entry for each breed was quite low and the judges quite efficient so I got home about 5pm giving me plenty of time to bath the dogs for the Clubshow the following day.

Joe arrived with Aflie at 6.30am and we set off to collect Anna and Ruben. We arrived at the venue in Lanark in plenty of time for setting up the ring, grooming area etc. As this was our first time using this venue for the club we had a few teething problems which were quickly ironed out with the help of the Scottish Pomeranian Club committee with whom the Scottish Papillon Club were sharing the venue. Judging for the Poms started at 10am and the Papillons at 10.30am. First in the ring from amongst our travelling companions was Anna with Ruben (Northlyte Timeless) who won 1st Puppy Dog.

RUBEN (Photo Courtesy of Sue Gray)

Next up was Joe and Alfie (Abbeyton What's It All About) who also 1st in won Junior Dog.

My first dog in the ring was Marnie (Abbeyton Some Like It Hot) who went 2nd in Junior Bitch, being beaten by the bitch which won the CC and reserve best in show. Flame was entered for two classes her first being Open Bitch where she was place 2nd. This was enough for her to get her Stud Book Number, she then went 2nd in the Special Phalene dog/bitch class. There was no stopping either of the girls, they both went really well. Marnie was called in to be considered for the Reserve Bitch CC, but the judge gave it to the Limit class winner. Anna with Ruben and Joe with Alfie had to go in the ring to compete in the challenge for the dog cc. Boy it was hard on the heart standing at the side watching. Dog Challenge Certificate went to Joe with ABBEYTON WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT (Alfie), I don't know how Joe was feeling, but I know that I must have deafened the exhibitors standing around me when I started screaming. What a great achievement for them. At only his third championship show (one of them crufts) Joe and Alfie won the Dog CC. After the Bitch CC was awarded they had to go in the ring again for the judge to decide who was Best of Breed and Best In Show, at this point I was talking to Sue (Bankshill) on the phone telling her the news (her boy Lewis is the sire of Alfie) I think it will take a few months for her hearing to get back to normal as I screamed in her ear that JOE & SUSAN'S ABBEYTON WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT had just won BoB and BEST IN SHOW.

As we left the show we were caught in a downpour of rain and had to get everything in the car as quick as possible so as you can imagine when we left the venue at 6pm we were all tired absolutely elated, soaked to the skin!!!!!!! and no one gave a damn.
Must make a comment about the show itself, the venue was nice and bright with loads of natural daylight coming in from roof. Myself and Francis from the Pom club joined forces in our attempt to get the exhibitors to part with another pound or two for the very large raffle that so many people had donated to. And what a great time I had in my other "pastime" talking, everyone was really cheery (OK not everyone but most) and everyone seemed to think that the sharing of the venue was a great idea, shame the chef didn't make enough caramel apple cake to go round everyone for lunch LOL and thank you to Malcolm who was celebrating his sixtieth birthday for my glass of wine and piece cake, it was really tasty. Also a mention to Adam our new committee member and his new Papillon Spellbinder at Amicea (Leo) who made there debut in the ring today, you were both very smart and really worked well together. Good luck for the future.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Flame lights the way

Anna (Bonmeshay) left her girl Tootsie and her new pups in the care of her husband Jack and spent Saturday with me standing in a cold wet and windy public park in Thornton Kirkcaldy. This was the Kirkcaldy & District open show.

Anna was first in the ring with Ruben in Papillon Puppy which he won, Marnie was next in Papillon Graduate and got placed 2nd, Flame strolled into the ring for Papillon open and was placed first, this was her first since she came to live with us. Ruben then went on to take Best of Breed, Toy Group 3 and Group 1 Toy Puppy. Judge Mrs June Martin (Ffain)
(Awaiting Photo)

On Sunday it was a five minute drive in the sunshine to the Magnum in Irvine, where Cumnock and District held there open show.
Marnie and Ruben were both in the same class today Papillon Graduate in which Ruben was placed first and Marnie stood second. Flame for the second day running was full of confidence and showed her socks off. Again today we had a judge who recognised Flame as a Phalene. Flame won first Papillon Open, Best of Breed then Toy Group 4.
Judge Mr R Crooks (Crooksmoor)


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What a Weekend

First port of call this weekend was to help Anna to whelp Tootsie (Abbeyton To Sweet To Kiss at Bonmeshay JW) who gave birth to two beautiful puppies.

Went with Marnie and Flame to a local limit show, as both Marnie and Flame were in the same class Papillon open, Marnie was handled by Jemma who has Labradors. Jemma and Marnie won first and Best of Breed. Unfortunately when I put Flame on the table the first thing the judge did was to try and lift her ears into an erect position, (OOPS) she was placed second behind Marnie.

The next day was the Companion show for WAG. It was a wet and windy day with the occasional bit of sunshine. Marnie got second in AV Junior and Flame was fifth in AV Toy, Anna came along with Ruben fourth AV Toy and Susan was there with Alfie his first outing at a show this year and he got second AV Toy. Well done Susan and Alfie. The judge this time knew what Flame was and said he was surprised to see a Phalene there.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007



(Photo courtesy of Alan Walker from Our Dogs)

(13 months of age)
Owned by Mr Mark Whitehill, handled by Mrs Mary Whitehill (Marks Mum)
bred by Comrie, Comrie and Whitehill.
Breed judge - Caroline Lee-Farnsworth, Group judge - Albert Wight, Best In Show judge - Jean Lanning
Well done everyone from all at Abbeyton.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Panda's First Day

Japanese Chin
Owned by Jean Walker (Travilla) he attended Drongan and District open show on Saturday 28th April, and what a great day he had winning first AV Toy Puppy and Best Puppy in Group.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Drongan and District Canine Club

Was up bright and early today and decided to drive the five miles to our local show.

Marnie and Flame were none the worse for wear after there trip to Malvern so I decided to take them with me.

Marnie was placed 1st in Papillon Post Graduate and Flame was 2nd in Papillon Open. Best of Breed and Toy Group 4 was won by Marnie.
While we were at the show Carroll Montgomery (Carrollryan) came along to watch and I managed to get a photo of her cuddling Flame (she is not very photo genic)

Carroll and Flame

Saturday, April 28, 2007

West Of England Ladies Kennel Association

Left home on Thursday morning and met up with Liz Anderson (Northlyte) to travel to the WELKS championship show in Malvern.
Arrived safely 7 hours later, after having done a few U turns while trying to find our bed and breakfast accomondation. Once we got there we were more than pleased, beautiful house and fantastic gardens for the dogs to run in, with plenty of rabbits and pigeons for the dogs to chase.
There was a Malvern water spout at the top of the drive so plenty of fresh water straight from the hills to keep the dogs cool. We were part way up the side of a hill and the views over Malvern were breathtaking.

The weather was really nice, sunny but with a slight breeze. Judge Caroline Lee-Farnsworth decided to judge indoors. Liz had two of her new puppies with her, Duncan (Northlyte Classic Star) he was placed 3rd in Minor Puppy Dog and Fern (Northlyte Mists of Time) who got VHC in Puppy Bitch.

Marnie was great in the ring, she is really enjoying showing just now. She got 2nd in Junior Bitch, the bitch that was in front got the Reserve Bitch CC. Flame was really good, her head was up watching everything and she carried her tail so much more confidently than she has been. She won a very well deserved 3rd in Limit Bitch which qualifies her for Crufts 2008.

We left Malvern about 4pm and I arrived home at 11.30 absolutely shattered. But what a great time we had, everyone (well nearly all) round the ringside were in good spirits with a lot of laughter and friendly chat going on. Even the judge joined in with some friendly banter.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Perth Canine Club

Anna (see BONMESHAY) and I went to Perth today with Marnie, Flame and her boy Ruben (Northlyte Timeless).

Ruben won 1st Papillon Graduate and Marnie took 3rd place. Flame was 2nd in Papillon Open bitch, the judge commented straight off that she knew she was a Phalene.
Ruben went on to win 1st AV Toy Puppy, but as we were unable to stay for the end of the show he did not compete for best puppy in show. You can see his picture by clicking on the following link. RUBEN

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Cambuslang Canine Club

Took Marnie and Flame to a local open show and had a very nice day. Marnie won first in Papillon Graduate, she was her usual self full of confidence and loving the attention from the ringside. This being only Flames third show since she came to live with us I was delighted when she came second in Papillon Open.

After we were finished showing I had the pleasure in showing Henry (Mossdown Henry Cooper)the Pug, his mum Joyce being on the committee she is unable to handle dogs at the show so this is one of the occassions that Henry and I get to have a bit of fun in the ring. We were very pleased to be able to give Joyce rosettes for first in Pug Open, Pug Best of Breed and Toy Group 3. Judge Mr Michael Boulcott

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hound Association Of Scotland

Travelled with Fiona MacDonald and her daughter Morven to the Hound Association of Scotland Champ show in Kelso. Fiona was showing her two Beagles, Fusion who got third in Graduate and Dylan who got second in Post Graduate. Well done boys.

My day was taken up stewarding in the Afghan Hound ring with fellow steward Ann McManus and judge Marita Rogers. There was a good entry of 126 dogs to which the judge gave her full attention. The weather was really good if not a little to hot for some of the dogs.

I also enjoyed chatting with exhibitors and catching up with friends in the Hound Group that you usually only see in the distance at other General Champ and Open shows. Always so much easier when you don't have dogs with you at the show.

With Marnie and Flame to bathe for there show the next day there wasn't much time for tea when I arrived home at 8pm.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Out of the shadow

enjoying being in the garden on a sunny day

Meet Flame

Northlyte Fire 'n Brimstone
who has come to stay with us and keep Marnie company at the shows. An absolute delight to have around the house with her very typical Papillon nature. Flame is a Phalene and one of the few being shown in the UK. Not always recognised some people (judges included) think they are soft eared Papillons and place them down the line or not at all.

Friday, March 30, 2007


With what's been happening at Abbeyton Papillons.

I was delighted to step in as replacement judge at the Papillon Club of Scotland open show on 4th March 2007. Due to ill health the scheduled judge was unable to attend.
Best in Show was Bankshill Isle of Lewis ShCM and Best Puppy in Show Cadogan Ringleader. Well done to both of them I would have happily taken either of them home. See the full results and pictures at March Archives.

Marnie (Abbeyton Some Like It Hot) has continued with her winning ways having many firsts at open shows and continuing to be well placed at championship shows. At Crufts our change of Judge was Mr David Roe (Sunshoo) Marnie from a large Special Puppy class won 3rd.

Summer (Abbeyton Summer Sun) had two dog pups on 17th January 2007 they are called Magic (Abbeyton Moon Magic) and Shadow (Abbeyton Moonlight Shadow). Magic has made himself quite at home with his new owner Liz and her other Papillons at Northlyte.
Shadow continues to keep everyone here on there toes and moving around. Humans are liable to have there toes bitten if you kick off your slippers and the other dogs are losing the fringing from there ears and tails in the chases round the garden.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Coatbridge Airdrie and District

Held there open show today at the Pivot Centre Moodiesburn.
Marnie (Abbeyton Some Like It Hot) won first in Papillon open and then went on to win Special Best Toy Puppy. She also won Group 2.
Judge Mr David S Iley (Senousi)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Upperward of Lanark

Went with Abbeyton Some Like It Hot (Marnie) to the limit show in Carluke.

Marnie was 2nd in AV Special Toy Puppy to a very nice Pom.
We did win first in Papillon Open from an entry of 5 dogs, though we couldn't go in the group competition as Marnie was a beaten dog. Judge Elizabeth Cochrane (Tutyak).

Monday, February 12, 2007

Brollyanna Princess Poppet

11-12-1995 to 12-02-2007
Our intorduction to Papillons and forever in our hearts.
One is a kiss X, One is a heart ( ), together they mean we’re never apart.

Love Mum (x)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Rutherglen Valentine Show

Abbeyton Some Like It Hot (Marnie) won 1st Papillon graduate and Best of Breed today at Rutherglen Canine Clubs annual Valentine open show at Lanark. Judge Chris Laverty (Laveris)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Best Puppy In Show


to Sue Deamer


Abbeyton Isle B Willin To Tri at Bankshill


Annandale Canine Society Open Show 28/01/2007

Well done Sue and Wills

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tootsie's Invite

Abbeyton To Sweet To Kiss at Bonmeshay by special invite from the Scottish Kennel Club has qualified to attend the Scottish Open Show Dog / Pup of the Year competition.

The competition is open only to dogs residing in Scotland and who have won enough points at Scottish open shows to compete. Competition is fierce with some of Scotland's top dog in attendance.

We will be in Alva on the 11th February 2007 to support Anna and Tootsie.

Good luck from all at Abbeyton.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Manchester Champ Show

Due to the terrible weather forecast Anna and I travelled to Stafford on Wednesday afternoon and stayed in a nearby Travel Lodge. Sue Deamer being unable to go asked if I would like to take Wills with me and show him. Of course I jumped at the chance to have him with us. And what fun company he was for Tootsie and Marnie.

Being our first championship show of the year it was nice to see dogs and people that we hadn't seen for some time. and of course to see the new puppies on there first outings.

Judge Liz Stannard had a very good entry of 167 Papillons.

Wills (Abbeyton Isle B Willin To Tri at Bankshill) was the first of our dogs in the ring and qualified for Crufts 2008 when placed 3rd in Puppy dog from an entry of 19.

Next was Marnie (Abbeyton Some Like It Hot) who got 2nd in Puppy bitch from an entry of 17.

Then in went Tootsie (Abbeyton To Sweet To Kiss at Bonmeshay) and from a very nice Junior bitch entry of 13 walked back out with reserve (4th).

The journey home was long and tiring due to the number of road closures etc because of the weather and HGV's being blown over by the strong winds. We were fortunate in that our normal four and a half hour journey took eight hours, I know that others driving home took so much longer.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Have one of those days where you knew you should have stayed at home?

Well I had one today, Marnie just didn't want to go in the car to go to the Falkirk show at Bathgate. Poppy (our oldie) kept us wakened most of the night with her coughing (heart and lung problems), so started the day tired.

Picked up Anna with Tootsie enroute and Tootsie was having a bit of a drama queen morning, nothing was just quite good enough for her.

Off we went both Anna and I yawning most of the way, Marnie munching bubbles (she doesn't get travel sick, she starts munching the moment she hears the car keys), Tootsie letting us know she knew when we were approaching each and every turn (blame the noise from the car indicators). Twenty mins into the journey we were turned back due to the road being closed by an accident, went through a few deep deep puddles on the farm roads we were diverted onto. I kept forgetting where we were going and almost ended up in Edinburgh.
Getting everything on the trolley was a bit of fun (wind and rain) and lo and behold the bungees had been taken out the car. Two dog boxes, two seats, two grooming kits, jackets and all our other essential (Huh) bits and bobs held in place by one bungee found in the depths of the boot.
Arrive inside looking very windswept and interesting (only ones interested were dogs).
Got our dogs ready far to soon to go in the ring, and they were bored by the time we went in the class. Marnie was placed third and Tootsie was fourth in the same class and second in the next one. Well done to Mrs Mac and everyone else who was there, sorry we didn't stay to watch the end but it was a nice to get home in time for lunch, haven't done it for a long long time. LOL

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Kirkintilloch, Lenzie & District Canine Society

Abbeyton To Sweet To Kiss at Bonmeshay (Tootsie) won first in Papillon Open, Best of Breed and Group 3.

Abbeyton Some Like It Hot (Marnie) won first AV Toy Puppy, Special Best Puppy in Group and then won Reserve Best Puppy In Show. Judge Caroline Nixon (Kazpom)

Anna and Tootsie Celebrate

Abbeyton To Sweet To Kiss at Bonmeshay and Anna today received official Kennel Club confirmation of Tootsies Junior Warrant Award and Stud Book Number.
Well done both of you.
Joan and all at Abbeyton xx

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Abbeyton Isle B Willin To Tri at Bankshill

Owned by Sue Deamer, Wills went with his dad Lewis (Bankshill Isle of Lewis) to Carlisle and District Open Show. Lewis won Best of Breed in Papillons and Wills won AV Puppy.

Not judged on the group system, Wills had to challenge all the other unbeaten puppies and won Reserve Best Puppy In Show.

Judges were,Toy Group tbc. Best In Show Dr Ruth Barbour.

Well done Sue and Wills from all at Abbeyton.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Paisley & District Canine Club

Quite a difference in Papillon numbers at the show today.
Held in the Magnum Leisure centre (same venue as Kilmarnock show on Wednesday) there was an entry of three Papillons entered in the Open class for the breed.

Abbeyton Some Like It Hot (Marnie) was placed first, Abbeyton To Sweet To Kiss at Bonmeshay (Tootsie) was second and Abbeyton What's It All About (Alfie) third.

Marnie won the Best of Breed and in a very good Group was placed Group 3. She also won AV Toy Puppy and was Special Best Puppy in Group.

Breed Judge was Ms Charoltte McNamara (Lynbank), Varieties and Group Judge was Mrs Lyn Pemberton (Lynbank).

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Kilmarnock & District Canine Club

First show of the new year was held at the Magnum leisure centre today.

There was one class for Papillons at today's show, Tootsie was placed 2nd in a class of 6. Marnie and Alfie being the babies in the class went unplaced.

The AV toy puppy was won by a very nice Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, 2nd went to a very smart Maltese, Marnie was placed 3rd in front of the little Pom called Ritchie.

As the first show of the year Lena, Fiona (who own Sloughi's and Afghan hounds) and a few other people bring wine, home baking and invite everyone to enjoy. The meringues were lovely.