Tuesday, November 30, 2010

R I P Our Beautiful Phalene Girl

Northlyte Fire 'n Brimstone at Abbeyton
17-08-2005 - 21-11-2010

Monday, November 08, 2010

Northern & Eastern Champ Show

Travelled with Anna Fraser (Bonmeshay) down south to the N & E Papillon Clubs Championship Show. I had Blaze and Ayla with me and Anna had Fie. It was the clubs 25th Champ show and they celebarted in style with beautiful rosesttes, a gorgeous cake and gifts and prizes galore for exhibitors and members alike.

First in the ring for Minor Puppy dog was Blaze (Abbeyton Trail Blazer) and I was so pleased with him, quite a big show for a puppy out first time and he behaved and showed so well. He was placed 2nd in his class qualifying him for Crufts 2011.

Next one was Anna's girl Fie in Junior Bitch and it was quite a big class. Fie is getting more and more confidence with each show she goes to and though she went unplaced she showed herself well and seemed to enjoy being in the ring this time round.

Ayla was in Post Graduate bitch and was unplaced in a class of 6. Judges comments on the table were all to do with how she did like Phalenes but preferred them with more fringing. Anyone with a red will know that what you wish for in a 2 year old and what you get are two different things. Ayla was then shown in the Special Phalene Open Bitch class in which she got 1st. Saying I was surprised is putting it mildly as after the judges comments about fringing she then placed Ayla above a class of bitches all with good fringing. Can only assume the judge thought this time aroud that fringing wasn't an issue.

Blaze was back in the ring for Special Phalene Open Dog and was the baby of the bunch, again he went very well and was placed 2nd in the class.

The only mar on the day was at the very end of the day. There was a Special Best Phalene in Show rosette to be awarded and I asked the secretary as it wasn't in the schedule or catalogue which Phalene's were eligible to compete for the award, he stated that as it was a special award it would be the winners of the Special Phalene classes. Two other Phalenes that were shown in other classes came into the ring to compete and when the judges and steward enquired of the secretary what was to happen he changed the goalposts and allowed them to compete. Not a case of sour grapes as I knew Ayla would quite possibly stood reserve to Bertie the winner of the Phalene dog class but it was the fact that the secretary changed the rules to suit.

Anyway we had a fantastic day meeting friends and chatting. It was made even better by the fact we were staying over and I didn't have to drive home that night. Found a fantastic carvery and enjoyed a very nice dinner. As Anna said "hunger is good kitchen" and the dogs even got some as well.


(BLAZE) dob 01/05/2010

Thank you to Ian Raper at Photocall 0191 4135697 for the pictures of Blaze on the day.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Very old friends


Jim (centre lol) with King and Kaiser and Meg the Collie


Was having a look through some old photos and came across this one of my Mum with myself and my four sisters at Barbara's wedding.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Loving the high life

Indy makes use of Jack and Jenni's crate being in the dog room and finds himself an advantage point above the others.

Monday, October 18, 2010

We're back

Haven't posted on the blog for a long while, been keeping in touch with most folk via face book but when I spoke to some others at the weekend face book is not there thing and they said they were missing the regular updates.

Went to visit Angela and Jamie at the weekend with Anna Fraser. They have moved to a new flat in Liverpool and very nice it is too. Love that you can walk 2 min's up the road and eat dinner overlooking the Mersey. I had Ayla and Blaze with me and Anna had Ruben with us as we had decided to enter Merseyside toy dog while we were visiting. Both Ayla and Ruben got 2nd's in there classes and Blaze at 5 months was to young to compete but he thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone human and canine alike.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Phalenes only !!!!

Meeting for lunch

Some pictures of Angela, Jamie and Jim with Blaze and Ava in the Lake District.

Wee Jewels

Jewels posing with her rosettes for winning 1st in veteran and Best Veteran in Show at the local Marymass companion dog show. Not to bad for a 12 year old.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I know flowers are not allowed in the IT ward but we all hope you are home from hospital soon and feeling much better. From all of us humans and of course the four legged gang at Abbeyton xxx

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Papillon or Phalene which do you think he will be???

Thursday, August 05, 2010

How time flies..........

......... Flames pups Blaze, Ava, Blake and Asa are 14 weeks and Tariq and Sabah are now 11 weeks. All pups have now had there first vaccinations and not a peep out of anyone.
Asa has gone to live with his new mum Gillian and he has her wrapped round his little paw already. He said it was so easy, he just sat, lay down and went to his own bed when asked and Gillian gave him something nice each time, he thinks it's an easy life cuddles galore and loads of new friends. Well done Asa you certainly have your Mum well trained LOL.
Tariq and Sabah go off to there new homes in the next week or so. Tariq will keep his name but Sabah is having her name changed to Sasha. Both pups are going to fantastic homes and I know I will see them regularly and be able to watch them grow on and develop.
Blake is still waiting for his new family to come along, and they will when the time is right.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Marnie's babies

Tariq and Sabah who are 8 weeks and growing well.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Decision made

and a very difficult one at that. Blake and Asa will be looking for new homes, while Blaze and Ava will stay here at Abbeyton and help us expand our small kennel of Phalenes.


Blaze and Ava below will stay here at Abbeyton.



Thursday, June 03, 2010

Flames weans get names !!!!!!!

Flame has been a great Mum once again and Indy, Ayla, Daisy and Jewels have played a great supporting act lol sitting at the door just desperate to get in and meet Flames family.

Red and white dog BLAKE

Black and white dog ASA

Red and white dog BLAZE

Black and white bitch AVA

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Meet Marnie's babies

Sabah and Tariq aged 8 days and doing very well. Marnie is a super Mum and Jim despairs trying to get her to leave them for toilet breaks or food when I'm not around.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

SKC Champ show

Indy was entered at this show and it's one of those days where you wonder why you bother.
Between folk who say that they don't like Phalene's (but have nothing against them????) telling you and anyone else who would listen about how they don't fit the standard in the UK (in there opinion I must add), and then a judge that asks if you are "showing him as a Phalene??" when he is so obviously Phalene and not Papillon. I'm just glad there were some good friends there to make the day worth the travel.
I have to say I did like the CC winners, a very nice feminine Papillon from Scotland and a rather smart Phalene from the USA.

Golden Jubilee celebrations

The Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club of Scotland held its Champ show on Saturday 22nd May at Lanark, the judge was Liz Anderson (Northlyte) and a very good entry of dogs she had.

Unfortunately I didn't arrive at the show until 1.30pm due to Marnie having her pups so Indy missed his classes. Daisy however was placed 4th in Jr bitch and won 1st in Phalene bitch. She came home with a very nice Plaque donated by Ann and John Cooper (Ancojo) a hand towel beautifully embroidered with a Phalene head presented by the judge and then of course the bag of food courtesy of the sponsorship by Royal Canin.

All exhibitors who entered were presented with a crystal drop engraved with a Papillon and very nice they were too. People who hadn't entered having seen them are now asking if they can buy one, alas no as there were only enough made to cover the entry at the show. We also had a raffle for a 19" all singing all dancing TV, and club favourite (because he works so hard) 6 year old Kyle Davidson was invited to draw out the ticket and no one could believe it when he drew out his Dads ticket as the winner. Kyle went home very pleased with himself as he now has a TV all to himself in his bedroom.

We got home thoroughly exhausted, but had no time to stop as I had to see to Flame and her pups and check that Marnie and her new babies were all doing well. The other dogs were happy to wait for tea as they were quite excited by the new smells and sounds. Would love to say that we all went to sleep early but it never quite turns out that way LOL finally got to bed around midnight.

Saturday morning rush

Marine kept us on edge all of Friday night waiting for the arrival of her pups. But due to a difficult presentation of a pup we rushed off to the vet Saturday morning where we were very fortunate that Shona the vet and Jennifer the nurse were able to section Marnie and deliver her puppies live. Both pups a boy and a girl are doing super and Marnie took it all in her stride.

Marnie and her pups

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

11 days and growing

Flames babies start as they mean to go on.

Life is hard!!!!! LOL having Mum cater to your every whim and two humans that go gaga with every whimper and cuddle you at every opportunity.

Friday, May 07, 2010

R I P Ziggy

18-04-2002 to 06-05-2010

My girl Ziggy was in the back garden watching her Dad (human one that is) weeding etc, she had taken up her usual position to catch the warmth of the sun on her back and she lay down and went to sleep. Ziggy has suffered from colitis since the day she was born and it wasn't unusual for her to have a dicky stomach. This time it was different and she was vomiting blood as well. Her vet was treating her for an ulcer along with the colitis, but now we know there has been something else lurking there as yet unfound. For everything my vets and there staff have done for Ziggy throughout her 8 short years with me I will always be grateful. Ziggy's ashes will be placed in the garden beside our other dogs that we still miss so much.

My favourite snap shot of Ziggy being a Mum.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

New Arrivals

A contented Flame with her new borns, 2 dogs red & white, 1 black & white dog and 1 black & white bitch. Pups are all well and getting on with growing, Mum Flame is brilliant she doesn't mind at all when we pick up the pups in fact she seems quite happy to show them off. Indy of course as the Dad has no input whatsoever other than standing outside the room door with the other dogs trying to get in to see what is going on.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A day of highs and lows

The day started with the good news that one of my girls who we thought may be barren was scanned today and was seen to be carrying 2 possibly 3 pups. She will have another scan next week just to confirm all is well. Flame is starting to slow down a wee bit, she is in pup and due to whelp this weekend coming but as she is pretty uncomfortable looking we may get to meet her new family sooner rather than later.

While preparing the space in my room for Flame to have her pups I decided that it was time to let Domino go, he died on 27th January 2009 and even though I can still feel him sleeping in my arms I knew that today the day of Domino's 11th birthday was the right time to let him join his friends in the garden.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Two of my Phalenes

Serenglade Indigo Moon (Indy)

Serenglade Drivin Miz Daisy (Daisy)


We got a telephone call out of the blue from Angela and Jamie to tell us that they have gotten engaged. And the ring is beautiful. Looks like there is going to be another party soon and of course there is only one place to go and buy the celebration cake.

A dog show !!!

Yes I bathed the dogs and took them to a dog show, feel as if I hadn't been out for ages. We went to Scottish Toydog Society open show on 10th April with Daisy, Ayla and Indy. Daisy thoroughly enjoyed her day and went round with her tail wagging unlike other occasions when she was happier just to watch proceedings from the distance. Anyway Daisy won a 1st in Jr, Ayla got 3rd in Post Graduate and Indy was 3rd in Limit. Ayla and Indy 2nd and 3rd in the members stakes class for which they won £15 between them so I'm off today to buy a new crate for the car for them to travel in and that saves us having to take out the travel boxes every time we want to go to the park.
On the Sunday I went with Jean Walker and Anna Fraser to Cambuslang open show were I was asked to handle so other dogs as well as my own. First up was Cy the CKCS who won 1st in his class. Next I handled Henry the Pug who won 1st in his class then took Best of Breed. Straight in to the next class with Indy who also won 1st in his class and Best of Breed. My next charge was an 8 month old Pug puppy called Boris and what a handful he was, so full of himself and with no fear of heights that had me hanging onto him for dear life when I had to put him on the table twice as he was seen by two different judges in the day. He got 2nd in minor puppy toy and then got 3rd in a puppy stakes class. Anna handled Indy for me in the group challenge as I took Boris. Indy got group 3 and Boris went unplaced. A long and tiring day but very enjoyable with good company.

Angela's 21st Birthday

Our next event after Crufts was Angela's 21st birthday. One of our gifts to Angela was for her and Jamie to travel to London and stay over to see the Phantom of the Opera. When Angela was two years old she started figure skating and most of her music for her programme's came from the Phantom, so it was always going to be a special moment for her to see the show. Angela had organised an evening in Glasgow for dinner and drinks with a few friends to celebrate her birthday. To continue the Phantom theme we arranged for an appropriate cake to be the centre piece for the table.

We would like to thank Pauline and Kate bespoke cake designers at Cake of Your Dreams for doing a wonderful job.

We're back!!!!!!!!!!

Seemed like ages since I last posted on the blog and how right I was, haven't even mentioned Crufts. I had a car full (or so it seemed), with Daisy, Ayla, Flame and Indy going wtih me and Anna travelled with us with Ruben. I'll have to look and see if I have any pictures but I will assume not as I remember taking my camera with me but I don't remember taking it out of it's case. LOL Anyway had a brilliant time catching up with folk form both home a overseas that I hadn't seen for ages and also meeting some new people as well. Indy was first in the ring in Post Graduate dog where he was placed 2nd and we were very happy with that. Ayla and Flame both went unplaced in there classes and wee Daisy didn't go in the ring as she was a bit overwhelmed by it all and wasn't happy about showing but she certainly enjoyed the numerous cuddles she got from everyone. We stayed with Angela and Jamie on the way home and poor Nacho just shook his head when he saw the dogs arriving, probably wondered who would beat him to the food bowl this time. lol I love stopping over with Angela and Jamie as it gives us time to catch up and have a chat, also the journey home the next morning is relaxed and means we don't have to rush into morning traffic or anything.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Scottish Toydog Society


Due to ongoing repair works at the Bonnybridge venue, Scottish Toydog Open Show being held on Saturday 10th April 2010 will now take place at

Pivot Community Centre
Glenmanor Avenue
G69 0DX

Feel free to copy and remember to inform anyone you know who is going.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Moving on

Having seen Jessica settled with her new family that includes her Papillon playmate Heidi I have taken the decision to let her sister Jenni go to a new home. A lovely little girl who is really starting to come into her own. She will be an absolute delight to her new family when we find them. And it is not a case of first come first served as it was the very first time I got a Papillon. Any new home and family will go through the usual home and vet checks. One friend said it would be easier to adopt a child.


Another change has occurred with Grace moving out to live with her mum Debra who has come back from France. Spoke to Debra tonight and she is delighted to have Grace with her and can't wait for the other dogs to join them. I look forward to seeing Debra and Grace in the show ring in the near future.


The house seems so quiet with the two girls gone. But as you all know we have Jewel to keep us busy. Jewel belonged to show friends Malcolm and Frances McKinnon who passed away. She was thought to be about 7 or 8 but we have since found out she will be 11 years old in June 2010. Jewel does not like to be left out of anything, be it walks, treats or cuddles. She is quick to let you know if she wants something, never been so glad a dog was so small as her favourite thing is to be picked up and carried from one sleeping place to a new sleeping place. We will be putting her into the vets in a couple of weeks time to have her last 3 teeth removed, this should make her a bit more comfortable but I doubt if it will make her appetite any better as she does enjoy her food and likes nothing better than sitting guard over the biscuit dish and keeping the Phalenes out. LOL The picture of Jewel below was taken just after a visit to the vet for some work on her ears, she had a wee infection which is well on the way to recovery and the hair the vet shaved off will regrow.