Friday, May 07, 2010

R I P Ziggy

18-04-2002 to 06-05-2010

My girl Ziggy was in the back garden watching her Dad (human one that is) weeding etc, she had taken up her usual position to catch the warmth of the sun on her back and she lay down and went to sleep. Ziggy has suffered from colitis since the day she was born and it wasn't unusual for her to have a dicky stomach. This time it was different and she was vomiting blood as well. Her vet was treating her for an ulcer along with the colitis, but now we know there has been something else lurking there as yet unfound. For everything my vets and there staff have done for Ziggy throughout her 8 short years with me I will always be grateful. Ziggy's ashes will be placed in the garden beside our other dogs that we still miss so much.

My favourite snap shot of Ziggy being a Mum.


Mary said...

Ah Joan, I'm so, so very sorry. You must be gutted. There will never be another Ziggy, but when the worst of the pain recedes the good memories will come to the surface and be of some comfort to you although it is hard to imagine it at the moment.

Mal Burns said...

so sorry joan, such a lovely girl x