Friday, March 28, 2008


If you are considering having a Papillon ask yourself where you will be 10 years from now. Remember the hours you spent researching the breed, the breeders you spoke to. Remember the look of excitement and joy on the faces of your family members but most importantly REMEMBER the puppy with the bright eyes, wagging tail and trust, that you have taken into your home.

The pictures below are of three elderly Papillons rescued from there owners home by one of the many people involved in Papillon rescue up and down the British Isles. Neglect and abuse are not always the reasons dogs arrive in rescue. Some are the much loved pets of owners who are unable to meet the needs of there dog, be it family breakup, health, age or moving into accommodation where dogs are not welcomed.

Some people comment that it is easier to get a bank loan or employment than it is to get a puppy from a Reputable Breeder. Please keep contact with your pups breeder be it by a Christmas card once a year or a telephone call once every now and again, most breeders will if needed help if your situation changes and you can no longer have your Papillon with you. We are not there to judge, but to support. Our dogs are part of our families and like our family if they are in need we shall do all we can to help them.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Birthday

Marnie, Wills and Alfie 2 years old today.

New Beginnings

Yet another Papillon person takes the plunge in to Blogging!!!!!!!

You can visit Hazel Barr and read all about her beginnings in Papillons. Don't forget to keep checking back for the continuing story at Barallan Papillons.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday will never be the same

I took the decision last week not to continue as trainer at one of our local training clubs due to the later finishing time. And how weird was it not to pull on the red trainers shirt and go out to the class. Will just have to find something else to occupy my time. At least I won't feel bad if I am asked to fill in as trainer occasionally at other clubs. I hope Claire the new trainer enjoys her time with the owners and there dogs as they are a good group of people and very helpful when you ask specific questions about there breed.

Write a story

I could write a book, or maybe I should leave that to our visitor today Author Franzeska Ewart who came to see new born pigeons and some of the older youngsters in the nest.

(Franzeka and pigeon at 6 days old)

Franzeska is researching for her new book about a boy and his involvement with pigeons. We spent a very nice couple of hours talking pigeons with only a little in put from the Papillons, namely Hugo who adopted Franzeska as his own and wasn't slow in letting her know when she neglected him (for a full two seconds) and concentrated on our conversation.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Dogless daze !!!

Travelled with Anna to Ryton on Dunsmore where I was to judge Papillons, Lowchens and Australian Silky Terriers at the Birmingham Toy Dog Society open show.

We arrived in the area looking for the Mariot hotel, after a few passes up and down the A45 passing the same Holiday Inn on more than one occasion, we gave up and telephoned for directions. Lo and behold!! Directions !!! we didn't need them for when they answered the phone with "Good Afternoon HOLIDAY INN", duh. Though I had booked with the Marriot they had been taken over and just hadn't got round to changing some things like WEBSITES.
Our room was comfortable, it had a huge bath which pleased Anna no end, guess where she was going to spend the evening lounging!! We went out a wee drive to make sure we knew where we were going the following morning, would have hated to have gotten within a couple of miles of the venue and lost our way. LOL loud cheer for Sat Navs.

We had dinner in the hotel bar and of course we had to have a little refreshment as well, and then of course we had to have another to get over the shock of the cost. Och and then we had another just for the sake of it. LOL So off we went back to our room quite happy and well cheered. Having dogs does not a late sleeper make, both Anna and I were up quite early and had a relaxing breakfast before heading to the Sport Connexion for the show.

I had a super entry of 38 Papillons over 6 classes, 0 AST's and 2 Lowchens. Anna thoroughly enjoyed her time at the ringside watching the judging in some of the other breeds, and meeting new people. Like Anna when I completed my judging duties I to enjoyed watching the other breed being judged and after a lovely lunch we waited to watch the Best in Show in which the Papillon was short listed but not placed. The Best Puppy In Show went to the Papillon Puppy I had given best puppy to and the Lowchen puppy took best puppy 3 in show. Well done everyone and thank you to those who braved the weather and came to the show with there dogs I really did appreciate the opportunity to meet them all.
We left the venue about 4pm to head home, our original plan was to drive so far up the M6 and then pull into services to stay overnight, but as we made good time it was straight home to Ayrshire and I was in the house for 11pm.

Next day it was time to get up and go again, picking Anna up en route we travelled through near Ingleston to the Scottish Papillon Club agm. Boy were we glad when Monday arrived and we could go through life at a slower pace for a few hours.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Letting go

My weekend started Friday afternoon when with Anna I went to Dumfries to deliver Marco to his new owner Catriona, her husband Craig and there two daughters. Marco is starting his new life with the new pet name of COSMO, though he will be in the show catalogues as Abbeyton Here We Go Again. I know that I will see Cosmo at the shows or as Catriona said I could go visit as often as I liked, it still didn't make it easy to walk away and leave him behind. But I know that Cosmo will be loved and cared for, just as Craig said when I phoned on Saturday morning Cosmo has only to raise his little paw or bat an eye and his every whim is met. LOL And no matter how much I tried to persuade Catriona she wouldn't let Cosmo come back to me, he was now her boy.

Saturday I spent with Hugo and Amber who were missing there playmate, so they received some extra treats and loads of cuddles.

Sunday was a heart breaker of a day. Anna who has been my rock during the weekend again went with me, this time to Edinburgh and again supplied me with tissues on the drive. Amber was going to join Maureen and Len, her new family. On a number of occasion's I pulled into a lay by or services, and as Anna said I couldn't keep putting it off I was gong to get there sooner or later and unless I actually turned the car around it was inevitable. I phoned Maureen at one stop and asked her if she still really wanted me to come up with her pup, she said of course she did, both she and Len were on the edge of there seats waiting for us to arrive. The picture below shows just how well settled little Amber was last night in her new home. Flame and Indy made the journey with us to Edinburgh and when we arrived they made themselves quite at home along with Amber and enjoyed exploring the new house and garden that was to become Amber's home.

Step into another world

I just wanted to let you know that Pology Magazine has resumed regular monthly publication, and the March issue is available online now.

Stories this month on: Nepal, Russia, Laos, New Mexico, Senegal, Tanzania and Burma

And gorgeous pictorials on: Nepal, Laos and Bali

Hope you enjoy the pictures and stories.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


WELL DONE to everyone who was placed with there dogs, a special congratulations to the Best of Breed, CC and reserve CC winners. Being in classes of 15 plus dogs any placing is certainly worthwhile.

The only dog I entered for showing was Marnie who went unplaced in special yearling bitch, not surprising as she only recently finished a season and with that went her coat. LOL
Marnie did however have her eye test at Crufts and came home with a clear eye certificate.

It was a good day catching up with friends and there dogs that you only see at the champs shows through the summer months. We also met up with other Abbeyton Papillon owners, both those that are showing and some who just like to sit at the fireside. Great to see you all.

See you all in 2009.