Saturday, April 17, 2010

We're back!!!!!!!!!!

Seemed like ages since I last posted on the blog and how right I was, haven't even mentioned Crufts. I had a car full (or so it seemed), with Daisy, Ayla, Flame and Indy going wtih me and Anna travelled with us with Ruben. I'll have to look and see if I have any pictures but I will assume not as I remember taking my camera with me but I don't remember taking it out of it's case. LOL Anyway had a brilliant time catching up with folk form both home a overseas that I hadn't seen for ages and also meeting some new people as well. Indy was first in the ring in Post Graduate dog where he was placed 2nd and we were very happy with that. Ayla and Flame both went unplaced in there classes and wee Daisy didn't go in the ring as she was a bit overwhelmed by it all and wasn't happy about showing but she certainly enjoyed the numerous cuddles she got from everyone. We stayed with Angela and Jamie on the way home and poor Nacho just shook his head when he saw the dogs arriving, probably wondered who would beat him to the food bowl this time. lol I love stopping over with Angela and Jamie as it gives us time to catch up and have a chat, also the journey home the next morning is relaxed and means we don't have to rush into morning traffic or anything.

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