Saturday, April 17, 2010

A dog show !!!

Yes I bathed the dogs and took them to a dog show, feel as if I hadn't been out for ages. We went to Scottish Toydog Society open show on 10th April with Daisy, Ayla and Indy. Daisy thoroughly enjoyed her day and went round with her tail wagging unlike other occasions when she was happier just to watch proceedings from the distance. Anyway Daisy won a 1st in Jr, Ayla got 3rd in Post Graduate and Indy was 3rd in Limit. Ayla and Indy 2nd and 3rd in the members stakes class for which they won £15 between them so I'm off today to buy a new crate for the car for them to travel in and that saves us having to take out the travel boxes every time we want to go to the park.
On the Sunday I went with Jean Walker and Anna Fraser to Cambuslang open show were I was asked to handle so other dogs as well as my own. First up was Cy the CKCS who won 1st in his class. Next I handled Henry the Pug who won 1st in his class then took Best of Breed. Straight in to the next class with Indy who also won 1st in his class and Best of Breed. My next charge was an 8 month old Pug puppy called Boris and what a handful he was, so full of himself and with no fear of heights that had me hanging onto him for dear life when I had to put him on the table twice as he was seen by two different judges in the day. He got 2nd in minor puppy toy and then got 3rd in a puppy stakes class. Anna handled Indy for me in the group challenge as I took Boris. Indy got group 3 and Boris went unplaced. A long and tiring day but very enjoyable with good company.

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