Sunday, January 14, 2007


Have one of those days where you knew you should have stayed at home?

Well I had one today, Marnie just didn't want to go in the car to go to the Falkirk show at Bathgate. Poppy (our oldie) kept us wakened most of the night with her coughing (heart and lung problems), so started the day tired.

Picked up Anna with Tootsie enroute and Tootsie was having a bit of a drama queen morning, nothing was just quite good enough for her.

Off we went both Anna and I yawning most of the way, Marnie munching bubbles (she doesn't get travel sick, she starts munching the moment she hears the car keys), Tootsie letting us know she knew when we were approaching each and every turn (blame the noise from the car indicators). Twenty mins into the journey we were turned back due to the road being closed by an accident, went through a few deep deep puddles on the farm roads we were diverted onto. I kept forgetting where we were going and almost ended up in Edinburgh.
Getting everything on the trolley was a bit of fun (wind and rain) and lo and behold the bungees had been taken out the car. Two dog boxes, two seats, two grooming kits, jackets and all our other essential (Huh) bits and bobs held in place by one bungee found in the depths of the boot.
Arrive inside looking very windswept and interesting (only ones interested were dogs).
Got our dogs ready far to soon to go in the ring, and they were bored by the time we went in the class. Marnie was placed third and Tootsie was fourth in the same class and second in the next one. Well done to Mrs Mac and everyone else who was there, sorry we didn't stay to watch the end but it was a nice to get home in time for lunch, haven't done it for a long long time. LOL

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