Monday, June 18, 2007

Liz's Garden Party

Having recieved our invites to attend LIZ's Garden Party on Saturday evening prior to showing on the Sunday my weekend began Saturday at 9am. With Marnie and Flame we drove to Darvel to collect Anna and Ruben. Boy did Anna come prepared for every eventuallity!!! I even asked her was there a problem that she didn't want to bring the kitchen sink or did she just forget? I won't type what she said but I did laugh. Travelled to Glasgow to collect Tiger as his Mum couldn't go (she was going to a real POSH do). When we arrived in Glasgow we discovered that not only were we taking Tiger but a huge roll of plain white paper, a carrier and (can you guess) >>>>>>>>>>>>> YEP A BABY BATH!!!!!!!! LOL who needs the kitchen sink. I'm so glad that Jean and Panda had been able to get a lift with someone else for the Sunday because there was just no way we could have squashed in a mouse let alone a handsome Japanese Chin and his Mum.

The journey to Kelso was quite uneventful, we chatted and we chatted and we talked some more 3 hours worth and only missed one turning because Anna kept me distracted with her chatter (yeah right). Arrived at the caravan park found where Liz and Dougie had set up and unloaded the car. And were the dogs ever so grateful to get out and have a good stretch and see to business.

The reason for the Garden Party was Liz had made a new garden fence for round her caravan and we all decided that we were going to check it out on it's first outing. Dougie being the perfect host tended to our every need and Liz being the perfect wife left him to it!!! LOL So we didn't keep Dougie back from his preparations in any way we walked to the dog show and did some shopping, I bought some new shampoo, conditioner, collar and lead (just what I needed not) of course I put it on Jim's card.

We arrived back at the van to find that Dougie had everything in hand and with the arrival of Pam (Pamhurst Papillons) or (Pampered Pooches Grooming near Dundee) and Karen (Liz's daughter), deliveries of food and liquid refreshment from other (happy campers) people round the site the party atmosphere was well and truly established. And I suppose you can guess the rest, the talk most of the night was dogs, dogs, and more dogs. OK with the odd joke, CHARADE and Scarecrow thrown in just to keep things going. We even had a visit from the Wicked Witch (awaiting photo's) from PAPNET (it's a yahoo group about papillons (now there's a surprise) she and Kevin the moderator aka KERMIT the green frog keep the group amused with there banter at times. People started to drift off home remembering that they did have to be up and have dogs ready for showing at 9am next morning.

I think suffice to say for Saturday that everyone enjoyed Liz and Dougie's hospitality and would surely be standing in line for the next one (if there ever is again).

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