Sunday, June 24, 2007

Blackpool Champ Show

Left quite early today to collect Jean and Panda, then to stop and pick up Anna and Ruben for the drive to Blackpool champ show. Having decided that Marnie was taking a loan of me by getting to sit in the front she went to bed in her traveling box and was lifted straight to the car, she travelled for four hours without once drooling and getting her bib all wet.
Arrived at the show with plenty of time to meet and chat with other people before the 9am start time. When the sun was out it was really hot, but thankfully for the dogs it was cloudy most of the time with a wee shower of rain about 2 o'clock.
Anna was again first in the ring with Ruben and he won reserve (4th) in his Puppy class. Our next champ show in July is East of England and it will be my turn to be first in the ring with Shadow for minor puppy dog class, anyway that's the future. Marnie was again 2nd to Joe Magri and Nicole in the Jr class, Joe and Nicole went on the win there third CC making Nicole a champion. Well done to them both and of course the breeders. Flame was in Sp Yearling and came up against another Phalene in her class, the other Phalene got 3rd in the class and Flame got the VHC (5th). I'm really pleased with how both girls are showing at present, they go out enjoy there day and make my job easy.
Jean and Panda were also came home with 3rd from Japanese Chin puppy.

As we were loading the car for the journey home I got a telephone call from Jim at home asking how many dogs he was supposed to have? Workmen had left the front door open and when the dogs were allowed back into the house they went straight back out the front. Our neighbours saw them and collected the three adults, but Shadow being the enterprising little so and so took the opportunity to check out the street with no supervision (or so he thought) neighbour John was following closely and when Shadow stopped to look into another neighbours garden John called to him and fortunately he waited to be picked up and given a cuddle from John. I was never so glad to get home and see that everyone was alright.

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