Friday, February 29, 2008

Puppy Vacinations

Went to the vets this morning with Amber, Hugo and Marco to have there first puppy vaccinations done. A necessary evil, I hate to hear them cry and I am always a wee bit wary when there is a smaller pup involved. Hugo weighed in at 1.95kilo and Marco was 2kilo little Amber didn't make it over the kilo weighing in at just 0.85kilo. I suppose I could have waited a while longer for Amber to have hers done, but now that I have started going out to the shows again I would hate for my pups to become ill because I had brought something back into them and it was preventable.
As is usual there is always someone who doesn't quite take to travelling, and guess who it was this time? Yep just had to be HUGO no throwing up just the constant drool, just like his older sister Marnie who also suffered in this way. Actually it got so bad she travelled to most of her shows on Anna's knee wearing a bib and wrapped in a towel, with a spare one just to soak up the fluid. It almost got to the point where I actually considered not taking her on a few occasion's and sometimes when we did get to the show she would be so wet that I couldn't take her in the ring for judging. We tried everything, from DAP spray, travel tablets to ginger and a few others as well. The last few shows she has gone to she has been really good, so maybe it is something they grow out of. Fingers crossed.

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