Thursday, February 28, 2008

Where does time go?

It only seems like a few weeks since Flame and Ziggy had there pups.

Flame's pup Amber (Abbeyton Flaming Star) will stay with us and will hopefully make her appearance in the show ring round about June time all being well.

Ziggy's pups have all got new homes and again all being well we will see them in the ring in June. Hugo (Abbeyton Runnin Free) will stay here with us, Marco (Abbeyton Here We Go Again) is going to live with Catriona and Craig in Dumfries and will be there first dog for showing. Lucy (Abbeyton Here's Lucy) will live with her older brother Wills (Abbeyton I'll B Willin T Tri at Bankshill), her sire Lewis (Bankshill Isle of Lewis) and of course Sue. Lilly (Abbeyton Runnin Wild) has gone to live with Estelle (Kirkchase) and has so far made herself right at home.

Thoughts of sitting down and putting my feet up for a wee rest when they have all gone did fleetingly pass through my mind, but with Indy going to training classes and Amber and Hugo soon to join him I have a feeling that my feet will be kept firmly planted on the ground .

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