Friday, January 09, 2009

A Quiet Start.........

.......To 2009

Everyone here is doing there best to keep themselves busy, pups are learning the lie of the land between home and the main street where they get to walk at the same time as the local academy gets out for lunch. Kids are great for giving the pups loads of attention and gets them used to the noise as well. Only problem most of the kids won't take no for an answer when they ask to feed them chips and curry sauce, chips and cheese or greasy pies from the local baker.

Ayla continues to enchant everyone who meets her, Betsy is getting a little too shy for my liking so she will be having a lot more introductions to more people and animals, Ruairidh on the other hand is really coming out of his shell, pushing his way to the front of the gang when group cuddles are on offer (thats when I usually land on my behind).

Ruairidh checking that I haven't left a red sock in with his bedding. LOL

OK to go!!!!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic, would make a great assistance dog.

Anonymous said...

Too Cute! Our little Rue is a bit shy in classes but not of the people just the the whole ring experience and other dogs. Did a tad bit of posting on the table but it was her first class. There are 15 in our class by the way but it is $200 CAD (Yikes) for 8 weeks and held by a top professional handler (who knows how to make money lol).