Sunday, May 03, 2009

Pigeon Life

Catching up with whats happening in the pigeon loft, three youngsters (one is the nominated 1st bird and the others are replacements in case of loss or injury) have been delivered to The Scottish Classic One Loft Race all three pigeons will train and live at this loft until the racing starts with one of four hot spot races on 22nd July culminating with the main race of 160 miles on 22nd August.
Last week the pigeons raced from Lockerbie and Abbeyton Lofts took club places of 4th, 5th, 7th 8th and 20th and saw us make the 10th place in the Ayrshire Federation result. Number of birds sent in the fed was 2110 so not to bad a result for the first race. We sent 30 birds but only had 23 return from the race.
This week saw the pigeons were racing from Longtown 82 miles from home. They were liberated at 10.30am Saturday morning, as I was a local limit show with Ayla I missed all the winners coming in. Jim was caught on the hop a wee bit as he was in the garage doing some bit and pieces when the first pigeons arrived. As we are still using the manual clocks for the old birds season we lost a minute or two in timing the birds. Anyway that doesn't matter as we were 1st and 2nd in the club with 21 home out of 21 sent, we will find out nearer the end of the week how we did in the Fed result.
We have installed a Benzing ETS for the start of the young bird season in July where the birds are timed via an electronic ring on there leg and we don't have to touch them. The youngsters are now out and flying round the loft, we are one down already, whether it has just got lost and maybe gone into someone else's loft or has become some hawks food we don't know till someone if ever reports it as found.

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