Tuesday, December 01, 2009

And so it continues

After getting home from the show on Saturday all the dogs were quite happy to tuck into there dinners, that is all but Ayla who has been a wee bit picky lately about if she would or wouldn't eat. Unusually for Ayla she wasn't interested in playing with her toy with Jim which is her usual routine, she just snuggled in beside him and went to sleep. I had been putting her lack of appetite etc down to recently having had her first season, but on Sunday she wasn't much better to the point where she was actually looking depressed and wouldn't leave her bed and again refused to eat anything. Monday morning when she refused to even drink water we were straight to the vet where both the vet and I agreed that as she had a raised temperature, was dehydrated and tender about her abdomen there was a chance of her having a pyometra (womb infection). She has stayed with the vet and been put on a drip for fluids, antibiotics for her temperature and has had an ultra sound scan to look for signs of pyo. As she was possibly going to have an operation the vet done the normal pre op blood tests to check that all was ok with Ayla before operating. And aren't we glad she did, as Ayla's blood had low proteins this meant that if she had been operated on she would not have been able to stop bleeding and therefore would not have survived the operation. The vet has sent bloods to Glasgow vet school for a 2nd opinion as some of the other results were not what she would normally expect. Ayla stayed in the vets on Monday night on a drip she was given a hormone injection and antibioticsto treat the suspected pyo, she was also given something similar to zantax and vitamin b to help her digestion as some of the blood results indicate problems in that area as well.

Ayla came home late Tuesday evening and ate a huge dish of chicken and even asked for more, she picked up her toy and lay with it in her paws and she even picked her tail up off the floor and wagged it at us. She's not keen on being with the other dogs at the moment but when I'm in the kitchen she goes in to a bed with her mum Flame and cuddles in to her. She is off to the vet today at 2.30pm for a 2nd hormone injection and antibiotics. I'll update as we find anything out.


Vicky said...

Oh gosh Joan, poor Ayla. I hope she's feeling much better now and it's nothing too serious

Pyatshaw said...

I hope the vet gets to the bottom of the problem and that Ayla is soon back in good health.