Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ayla's first show

Went to Clydebank and District Open Show today with Indy and Ayla. Picked Anna up en route with Ruben, Carter and her wee bedding stall. Arrived in plenty of time to give the dogs a good walk and for Anna to set up her wee stall. And a busy wee stall it is most of the day, people come to look and buy and before you know it there is quite gathering at times all discussing what bedding suits what breeds and what lead Anna has made best, LOL only thing is that it can get a bit hectic for Anna to show and serve so the help offered from different people to look after her wee stall while she showed the boys was much appreciated. Carter won Papillon Jr and Ruben won Papillon Open taking Best of Breed and Group 3.

Indy was on his toes today and showed very well and came second behind Mrs MacGregor and her boy Mo. Ayla was a wee sweetheart, did everything right and even had time to give the judge a wee kiss, (sook) she was placed 3rd in a class of 8 AV Toy Minor Puppy. She was really good on the table and tried her best to keep her tail still, didn't work, jut like it didn't stop wagging while she was on the move for the judge. She didn't always keep it over her back but there were some larger dogs at the ringside and it was her first show. I was very pleased with her and how she performed. Mrs Mac very kindly took some pictures at the show and I know they are in my email inbox, will put them on the blog tomorrow. Angela and Jamie have just arrived at there hotel on a surprise visit home so off out for a couple of glasses of wine and a cuddle from my daughter.

A couple of snapshots of Indy looking quite windswept at Lanark.

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