Monday, March 02, 2009

Once upon a time.......

That caught your eye didn't it? LOL it's going to be a long one so settle down with your favourite tipple and we will begin....

I was the show manager at a local open show and thankfully the day passed without any problems. The edge was taken off the day for me because I had to disappoint a friend by not being able to drive with her to Heathrow to collect a dog coming in from the USA Friday morning. As we set the rings etc up on the Friday night I wouldn't have been there in time. I really did try to get away from doing the set up as I would still have been at the show on the Saturday, but after making a few phone calls I was told this was not the case, I had to be there on Friday evening as the buck stopped with me and if anything went wrong it was my responsibility. Didn't make any difference that it was my first time as show manager and that there were two other committee members with years of experience at the job there as well, my name was on the schedule and I could face a fine if I didn't fulfil my role. So take note that being on a committee really does mean commitment or you could face paying for the privilege. Never mind the hours you give up of your free time to support your "hobby" or the donations you make be it via raffles, prizes or monetary donation to the clubs.

Anyway that was Saturday and for me Sunday couldn't come round quick enough. Went to Catrine show at Lanark and had an ok day, both Indy and Marnie were placed second in there classes. Beginning to think I should maybe give up breeding and showing my own and just continue to show other peoples dogs as I seem to be doing better there at the moment. I handled an English Bull Terrier and won 1st and best of breed. Nipped away for a while to meet up with Sue Deamer and have a chat, Sue was kind enough to collect a satnav for me that I had ordered online from Halfords so I don't have any excuses for getting lost. Well except for the NEC car parks, what a horrible place to get in and out of. Well it is for me. LOL

The intervening week has been taken up with girls in season, poor Indy doesn't know if he is coming or going. As for the girls, any opportunity and they are flirting like mad with him behind bars.
We had no shows this weekend but that doesn't mean I stayed at home. Saturday I went to a Secretaries Seminar organised and run by SKC and very informative it was too. Gave a good insight to the job the secretary of General and Breed clubs have. Met Terry Heath of Holloville Bull Terriers and we had a very long but interesting conversation about health issues in Bullys and dogs in general. Sunday was at an easier pace and didn't leave home till 1pm to take Jean to the Maltese Club of Scotland AGM.
Was going to say The End but that's not true come back for more and I'll promise I will get pictures for you next time. We are showing at Crufts on the 5th March. taking Indy and Marnie so do check what happens there.


Papillons and Phalenes said...

Now, let me guess, did you get Any time for sleep in between all of this, I am suprised you get time to breath dear let alone show your own dogs lol.
At the end of the day, the questions has got to be.... Did you have a good time and enjoy it all?
Congratulations once again on all placings, chat soon, best wishes from France lol xxxx Debs and gang

Abbeyton Papillons & Phalenes said...

Hope the weather in France is good for you, were the dogs all sitting waiting for you? (hope they didn't just have a drink) lol Look forward to meeting them all when you get back to the UK.

If its to do with dogs Debra I always enjoy it good or bad.

Take care see you when you get home.

Anonymous said...

And i guess my random showing up for a surprise didnt make a difference in cheering u up... lol

See ya on Friday!!!