Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Meet Paraiba Frothy Coffee via Bryelis


A wee change for me at the weekend when I handled Lilah on Saturday where she won 1st Chinese Crested open class and Best of Breed. She then came to stay overnight with me and the Papillons so I could show her at the show on the Sunday as well, where she again won 1st Chinese Crested open class and Best of Breed then added Group 3 to the list. I have handled Lilah a few times in the past but this weekend we just seemed to click and she went like a dream. Looking forward to our next time.

Indy and Marnie were at the shows at the weekend, both were placed in there classes. Betsy went with us on the Saturday for a wee bit of socialising and done really well, even managed to accept some food and cuddles from people who were kind enough to stop and spend time with her. Ayla and the others (including Jim) at home wondered what had arrived when Lilah came in the door, and I must admit I was a wee bit wary as to how everyone would get on, but they were fine said hello and just all got on with there own business. Really surprising how warm Lilah was to the touch. I thought like a human with no clothes on her skin would be cold to the touch, but there you go learned something new this weekend. An absolute delight to have her here and would certainly have her to stay again.

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Papillons and Phalenes said...

once again Congrats on being placed everyone, Just love Lilah's Hair do, she looks so sweet, I would be scaed of them getting sunburnt or too cold though to be honest xxx Debs and Rabble