Thursday, February 12, 2009

Obedient Betsy!!!!!

Took her to a local puppy class tonight. Oh wow was she given a rude awakening. Typical pet obedience class with dogs and handlers/owners of all ages and abilities, some like Betsy there for the first time others returning for top up training and others who had been going for quite a few weeks. I met an old friend called Simba and his owners as soon as I walked in the door and it just felt like I had never been away, though everyone was at least 5 years older. Spent my time walking Betsy round the hall letting her get used to the couple of dogs there while we waited for the trainer to arrive. Once the class started I got to have a go with Simba doing his heel work and boy don't the old ways come back so quickly, he knew instinctively when to walk, sit, turn and all this was because his close heel work is so good , and his mum thought he would have forgotten it all. Betsy on the other hand was totally over awed by it all, her heel work was really good for a dog trying to hide under the chairs round the walls of the hall. (LOL shorter lead next week) She wasn't to sure of the dog sat in the corner with it's back to the class because it is a barker, Simba wanted to play but due to his sheer size this just wasn't possible, though they did get to sniff noses. We met Mac a wee WHWT who was there for his first time as well and a right cutie he was too. Was a little surprised when we were called up with the rest of the class to do a 1 minute sit stay!!!!!!!! I personally thought it a bit long for puppies there for the first time but when in Rome etc etc. I chose not to leave Betsy's side and spent the minute breaking it into 10 second stays for Betsy which I thought was more than adequate. She has only just heard the sit and stay command for the first time last night and if I had put her in a sit and walked back for even three paces I knew she wouldn't have been able to do it. Why rush? And all this I managed without having to raise my voice above a normal speaking level once. We are going to have our work cut out for us training, here at home the others just jump all over the two of us and poor Betsy looks to say why do they get to bounce around and she has to sit, wee soul we will find a nice playing field to go and work in and I'm sure all the one to one will more than compensate for not being able to bounce like a kangaroo around the house with the others.
When we go back next week I will try and get a picture of Simba with Betsy and you will see what I mean about his size.

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