Monday, February 09, 2009

Just to say

Betsy and Ayla did have there day out, Betsy went on Saturday to Larkhall and was not very impressed at all, if anything meeting the Greyhounds and a woman she just didn't want to meet or like has made her more clingy than ever. I can't go anywhere in the house without her at my side, the only respite has been the snow, as Betsy is a lover of the outdoors this suits her sense of fun and adventure.

Ayla on the other hand went to Dumfries and though she had her moments of "what the hell is that" she did really well, loving everyone and everything that is except Freddie the Havanese who made the first move toward her. LOL she got him back by pouncing on his madly wagging tail when he had sat down with his back to her. LOL he loved every minute of it. She met a Labrador pup called Boggey (yep that was his name), originally called Brogue but now prefers his new name LOL. Anyway Ayla wasn't very sure at first but after a few moments there was a few tentative touching of noses and then both had to be restrained as they both went chest down and bums up with tails wagging for a game but the size difference just didn't make it possible.
Today everyone has been in the garden playing fetch with snowballs and running with tails streaming (like Tam O'Shanters grey mare Meg) round and round the garden till we get dizzy watching and call them indoors, Betsy without fail is always the last one through the door for as much as she clings to me she loves the snow more.

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